Clarence was an evolved orangutan who was an elder of Khan's tribe of apes in the Rocky Mountains.


Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier PreludeEdit

He was a disciple of Maurice during their time in Muir Woods and learned to devote himself to the tribe and give selfless counsel above all else. After the fighting between Caesar's colony and Colonel McCullough's troops caused the deaths of many apes, Clarence followed Khan, his tribe and the rest of the tribal elders to flee the fighting. After Khan's wife was killed by a solider the tribe was confused on what to do, with Tola preaching revenge, Bryn preaching peace and Juno too scared to think. In his confusion Khan turned to Clarence for advise on whether to seek revenge or peace and Clarence advised seeking peace. Despite Clarence's counsel, Khan listens to his eldest son's advice and takes the tribe to go after the humans in revenge. They find the human settlement, but it was long abandoned before they got there. The tribe continues on their journey and find a tunnel of caves in the Rocky Mountains which Clarence and the rest of the apes make their new home.

Planet of the Apes: Last FrontierEdit

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  • Animal Strength: Like all orangutans, Clarence is extremely powerful and strong.
  • High-Level Intellect: Clarence had been given the ALZ-113, through unknown methods, giving him increased intelligence.
  • Sign Language: Like his fellow apes, Clarence knows American Sign Language. He uses it as a way of communication. It is unknown when or who he learned it from, but it is likely that he was taught the art by the evolved apes.


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