The relationships of Charles Rodman from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.


Will RodmanEdit

Will Rodman

Will, Charles' son.

Will is Charles' son.

The two loved each other very much and Will was Charles prime caretaker after the nurse had quit. It was because of Charles having Alzheimer's that will conducted research in attempt to find a cure at his job at Gen-Sys Laboratories. Will even stole canisters of the ALZ-112 and used them to treat his father temporarily relieving him of his ailment as well as improving his cognitive abilities. Will would treat his father with this drug for five years until Charles developed immunity.

This led to Will to more research in an attempt to find a more permanent cure unintentionally creating the Simian-Flu. Charles' condition soon took a turn for the worse, Will hesitated to give his father the new drug and when he attempted Charles grabbed his hand and shook his head. With that Will instead embraced his father and fell asleep in his father. The next morning, Will awoke to find that his father had passed on over the night and was distraught showing he truly loved his father.


A free Caesar

Caesar, Charles' adoptive ape grandson.

Caesar is Charles' adoptive ape grandson.

Charles loved Caesar very much and was even the one who gave him his name using a Shakespearean quote (which would be foreshadowing Caesar's future). Charles was very encouraging to Caesar telling him to climb up the large tree while at Muir Woods Park. He also showed a protective side to young ape when Douglas Hunsiker attempted to harm the then three year old Caesar who just wanted to play.

Caesar later repaid Charles for his kindness when he attacked the angry neighbor Hunsiker who had a go at the dementia struck Charles. Knowing that Caesar was just defending him, Charles would embrace the scared Caesar before he is taken away by animal control and placed in the primate shelter. This event was the last time Caesar and Charles would ever see each other again.

Caroline AranhaEdit


Caroline, Charles' unofficial daughter-in-law.

Caroline is Charles' unofficial daughter-in-law.

Charles meets Caroline when she and Will start dating. Despite limited interaction, they became close because of their love for both Caesar and Will. Over the five years in which Caroline and Will are together, Charles comes to consider Caroline as his daughter-in-law, despite her and Will not being married.

When Charles dies, Caroline is evidently devastated and grieves for him.

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