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Biographical information
Species Chimpanzee
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Continuity Television series
Actor Joanna Barnes
First Appearance Up Above the World So High
Last Appearance Up Above the World So High

Carsia is a chimpanzee scientist who is present at the Council meeting which discusses the flying human, Leuric. She sees an opportunity and volunteers to investigate the matter. In truth, she is plotting ways to end orangutan and gorilla domination of ape society. As she begins to fall in love with Galen, she reveals to him her plan to learn the art of flight and to use it to bomb the Council and Urko's headquarters, leaving Central City in the hands of the chimps. Galen cannot agree to her plan, and he fakes his death and destroys the glider to stop her proceeding.


  • Carsia is probably the only ape other than Dr. Zira who did not have brown eyes (ape actors were usually required to wear brown contact lenses if their eyes were not suitably dark).

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