The relationships of Caesar (CE) from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.



Caesar and Cornelia

Caesar rescuing Cornelia from Gen-Sys.

Cornelia was Caesar's wife and queen.

Caesar and Cornelia first meet during their captivity at the shelter. After Dodge's death, Caesar discovers that Cornelia has been taken to Gen-Sys for experimentation and is greatly concerned about her welfare. He, along with his fellow apes, infiltrates Gen-Sys and rescues her and the other incapacitated apes. After the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, Caesar, Cornelia and the remaining apes became free to begin their new lives in the wild. Over time, Caesar and Cornelia grew close and became mates, and raise two sons, Blue Eyes and Cornelius. During Caesar's rise to power, Cornelia earns his respect with her compassion toward both apes and humans, her knowledge of the outside world, and ultimately, her acquiescence of the king.

Raising a rebellious son and an infant, and ruling an empire are quite stressful for Caesar, but he has Cornelia's constant support and is grounded by her presence. He loves her very deeply and is very affectionate towards her. This is proven when he remains at her side and comforts her after a difficult childbirth while they also celebrate the birth of their youngest son. Later, Caesar is heartbroken when he learns that his wife has contracted an infection, crying while he and his sons remain at her side.

However, Ellie cures Cornelia with antibiotics, much to her husband and her eldest son's relief. After recovering, Cornelia joins the celebration with the tribe, but it is suddenly cut short when Caesar is shot by Koba and falls from his home into the jungle below, leaving Cornelia and Blue Eyes devastated. However, after the battle of San Francisco, Caesar and an overjoyed Cornelia reunite and embrace one another along with their sons just as Caesar must prepare his people for the war to come.

In War, Caesar still had Cornelia support him in the midst of the war with the humans and he was happy to have her faith. When the humans find the colony's location, Caesar was devastated to find so many victims of the carnage a before discovering to his horror the bodies of his wife and oldest son among the dead. He was saddened by their deaths and goes off to find the man responsible for taking them from him. When confronted by Caesar in an Alpha-Omega camp, the albino ape Winter gave up the Colonel's location as Caesar angrily revealed that his oldest son and wife were killed because of Winter's action. Enraged and vengeful, Caesar unknowingly strangled Winter to death for his betrayal.


Will RodmanEdit

Caesar and Will HD

Caesar bidding farewell to Will.

Will is Caesar's adoptive human father.

Caesar shares a close relationship with Will, who raises him as his own son along with his late father, Charles, and his late girlfriend, Caroline. Caesar has a happy childhood as he becomes a beloved member of the family. Caesar and Will display much love and respect for one another and are very protective of each other. This is proven when Will defends Caesar from Hunsiker who threatens Caesar with a baseball bat after discovering him in the garage. Later, Caesar defends Will from Koba, after Will pursues Caesar and the apes to the forest. However, Caesar and Will's relationship starts to become strained after Will confesses the truth to Caesar about his origins and his mother's death, causing him to begin to resent humans.

After injuring Hunsiker while defending Charles, Caesar is sentenced to live in captivity in the shelter, which ultimately drives a wedge between Caesar and Will who is unable to get him released. Feeling abandoned by Will, Caesar becomes the leader of the apes at the shelter that come to respect him. Therefore, when Will finally attempts to reclaim Caesar and take him home, Caesar rejects Will, choosing to remain with his fellow apes and not wanting to be treated as a pet anymore (despite Will earlier reassuring Caesar that he is his son, not his pet).

After reuniting with Caesar, Will pleads with Caesar to return home, promising to protect him, but Caesar politely declines, telling Will that he is home. Initially shocked and saddened, Will respects Caesar's decision and the two bid farewell. Ten years later, Caesar returns to his former home in the city, but finds the house long abandoned and in ruins. After recovering from surgery, Caesar explores the house and finds his old bedroom in the attic where he finds an old camcorder, depicting Will teaching Caesar in his younger years, much to his happiness and sadness. When Malcolm asks Caesar the man's identity in the video, Caesar tells Malcolm that he is "a good man" like him. This moment shows that Caesar never lost faith in Will, despite the wedge between them, and likely forgave him for the past events. Will was most likely killed during the virus outbreak.

Charles RodmanEdit

Charles Comforting Caesar

Charles comforting a distraught Caesar.

Charles was Caesar's adoptive grandfather and first human friend.

Caesar was raised by Charles along with Will and Caroline, who forms a strong bond with him. Caesar and Charles truly love one another and truly care a great deal about the other. Along with Will, Charles protects Caesar from an angered Hunsiker and is concerned when he learns that Caesar has suffered a leg injury while attempting to flee from Hunsiker. Later and after Charles' disease returns, Caesar displays a protective side when he viciously attacks Hunsiker, beating him and eventually biting off his right index finger by accident for assaulting Charles.

However, Caesar becomes horrified by his actions and is comforted by Charles, but is later forced to live in captivity at an abusive shelter. Caesar and Charles never reunite after his sentence even after Caesar escapes from the shelter along with his fellow apes and choosing to live a life of freedom in the forest as Charles dies from his disease during the night.

Bright EyesEdit

Bright Eyes3

Bright Eyes, Caesar's mother.

Bright Eyes was Caesar's mother.

Bright Eyes was pregnant with Caesar (Alpha's son) when she was first brought to Gen-Sys Laboratories and secretly gave birth to Caesar during her stay. When Robert Franklin attempted to retrieve Bright Eyes for a presentation, her maternal instincts kicked in as she chose to not leave her infant son alone and went on a rampage to protect him.

Unfortunately, Bright Eyes was killed by Gen-Sys Laboratories security guards as Franklin informed Will of finding the infant Caesar. Eight years after Bright Eyes' death, Caesar asks Will who and what he really is; he is devastated to learn that not only is his mother dead, but she was also killed in cold blood.

Caroline AranhaEdit


Caroline, Caesar's adoptive human mother.

Caroline is Caesar's adoptive human mother.

Caesar meets Caroline at the age of three when Will takes him to the San Francisco Zoo for treatment after the neighbor's attack on him. Caesar takes an immediate liking to her and sets her and Will up on a date by embarrassing Will. Over time, Caesar's relationship with Caroline strengthens, and he begins to consider her as his mother. Caroline is present when Will takes Caesar to Gen-Sys Laboratories and explains how he came to be in Will's care.

Back at the house, Caroline demands that Will tell her the full truth and he does. Appalled, Caroline tells him that things aren't meant to be controlled, ultimately defending Caesar, who is listening from his room in the attic. Caroline, along with Will travel to the San Bruno Primate Shelter. After Caesar arrives in the animal control van and doesn't want to go inside, Caroline gently tells him that they'll go in and see what it's like inside. Caroline offers him her hand and he takes it, happy to know that he has her support. Caroline and Will visit Caesar several times during the course of his stay at the shelter.

After Caesar is injured, Caroline checks him over and comments on how awfully he has been treated. After Caesar and the other apes have escaped from the shelter, Caroline finds Rodney, the only surviving human from the attack locked in a cage. Terrified, the softly spoken man tells Caroline and Will that he heard Caesar speak. Will, having pieced together where Caesar and the apes are heading, the couple head towards the forest but become stuck on the Golden Gate Bridge where Caesar has ordered a full scale attack. This is the last known time Caroline sees Caesar.

Blue Eyes Edit

Caesar and Blue Eyes Reconciling HD

Caesar and Blue Eyes' bond growing ever deeper.

Blue Eyes was Caesar's first-born son, eldest child and heir.

Despite their family problems, Caesar loves his son a great deal, but is often frustrated by Blue Eyes' defiant and rebellious behavior. Caesar tries to teach Blue Eyes that his recklessness will get him nowhere while juggling his responsibilities as a husband, father and king. Caesar is also fiercely protective of his son and is greatly concerned for his welfare. This is proven during a hunting expedition when Caesar protects his son from a bear after Blue Eyes disobeys his father, which would have resulted in both Caesar and Blue Eyes' deaths if Koba hadn't intervened. Later, an enraged Caesar almost kills Carver after he threatens his two sons' lives. During the humans' time in the forest, Caesar attempts to teach Blue Eyes to see the good in humans, but due to Koba's influence on Blue Eyes, he is left to see nothing but evil in the humans.

Caesar and Blue Eyes' relationship soon becomes very strained after Caesar severely beats Koba for cruelly accusing him of loving humans more than his sons, however, Blue Eyes later becomes greatly concerned for his father's life after he is led to believe that the humans pose a great threat. His fears come true when he witnesses his father's supposed death at the hands of humans, breaking his heart. However, with Malcolm's help, Blue Eyes learns that Caesar is alive and reconciles with his father.

While tending to his wounded father, Blue Eyes learns of his father's past with humans and finally understands the reason for Caesar's compassion and sympathy for the humans, changing Blue Eyes' own perspective of humans. Their relationship ultimately improves as Blue Eyes is now and forever devoted to his father, which is proven when he asks his father, in broken English, to let him help him. Caesar proudly accepts. Blue Eyes risks everything to support his father in his upcoming battle against Koba, their now shared enemy. As Caesar's battle with Koba escalates, Blue Eyes watches on with concern. After Caesar defeats Koba in combat and lets him fall to his death, Caesar embraces Blue Eyes along with Cornelia and Cornelius before preparing the tribe for the upcoming war.

In War, Blue Eyes and Rocket return from their two-year journey to find a new home. Caesar welcomes them with open arms, learning that they've found a new home for the apes. They return to the Apes' refuge in a waterfall, Caesar watches Blue Eyes greet Cornelia, Cornelius and his mate Lake. During a council meeting, Blue Eyes tells his father, mother and the other apes of an oasis beyond the mountains and a vast desert. He states the journey is long, but the humans won't think twice to travel through the desert. Winter motions the colony should leave tonight, but Lake states it's impossible. Winter expresses his fear, telling them the soldiers are still out there in the woods looking for them. Blue Eyes attempt to calm Winter down, which enrages him and to force Caesar to assert his dominance. Blue Eyes knows Winter's scared, they all are and assures him they will make plans to leave. Caesar agrees, showing that it'd be impossible to leave tonight due to the large number of apes.

During the night, Blue Eyes wake up to see Caesar by the waterfall, moving his hand through the running water and finding a zip line. Knowing the soldiers have found their refuge, Caesar uses sign to tell Blue Eyes to protect Cornelia and Cornelius while he investigates. After finding Rocket subduing a soldier, Caesar reaches for the comm, hearing the Colonel stating the target is dead. Shocked and in fear, Caesar returns to the opening and finding the Colonel preparing to leave while Blue Eyes and Cornelia lie dead few feet away from him. An enraged Caesar chases after McCullough, only to fall in the water after McCullough cut the line.

Caesar returns to the refuge, horrified and sad at the loss of his wife and son and silently vows to hunt down and kill McCullough. When Winter was confronted by Caesar in an Alpha-Omega camp, the albino ape gave up McCullough's location as Caesar angrily revealed that his oldest son and wife were killed because of Winter's action. Enraged and vengeful, Caesar unknowingly strangled Winter to death for his betrayal. When McCullough mocks Caesar for his son's demise, he is enraged at the death of his son being insulted. He even tries to attack McCullough for disrespecting Blue Eyes' death.

When Caesar had the opportunity to kill McCullough, he chose not to, knowing that Blue Eyes would not want him to stoop to the latter's level.


Caesar, Cornelia and Milo HD

Caesar sharing an intimate moment with Cornelia and Cornelius.

Cornelius is Caesar's second son, youngest child and and second heir.

Caesar loves his new-born son very much and is fiercely protective of him, which is proven when he almost kills Carver for attempting to harm both of his sons. Cornelius shares his father's personality traits when he was an infant, such as curiosity. After reuniting with Blue Eyes, Caesar is greatly concerned for Cornelia and Cornelius, but is relieved to learn from Blue Eyes that they were safe for the moment. After the battle of San Francisco, Caesar reunites with Cornelia and Cornelius, embracing them along with Blue Eyes as he and the tribe prepare for war.

In War, Cornelius, now a young boy, has grown closer to Caesar during the time of war. During the night in the refuge after Rocket and Blue Eyes' return, Caesar spotted three soldiers, unaware that one of them is the Colonel, and told Blue Eyes to protect his mother and little brother. After losing the Colonel, who had slaughtered his wife and eldest son and Cornelius missing, Caesar becomes distraught and anger-driven while Luca, Maurice and a few apes resume the search for the little son. Standing over the site of his wife and son's murder, Caesar hears a noise in a tunnel and arms himself, spotting Cornelius emerging from a hidding place with his face wet with tears. Caesar becomes relieved as he sees Cornelius and embraces him, believing he was killed. When he was preparing to go after the Colonel, Caesar entrusted his son in the hands of Lake, the mate of Blue Eyes. Unaware to Caesar, the Colonel's forces intercepted them and took them captive, forcing the adults and elders to construct a wall, while the children were separated from their parents and placed in a different pin.

After Caesar was captured by the Colonel and the donkey Red, Cornelius spots his father, and calls out to him. Caesar made no attempt to respond as he didn't want to give off any hints to the Colonel about his second son. As they threw Caesar in a pin with the adult apes, Cornelius cries out for his father and extends his arm through the gate in an attempt to reach him. Days later, Caesar and Rocket, with a plan to bust all the apes out of Alpha-Omega's base, infiltrated the pin with all the children, spotting Cornelius, who runs to him and hugs him. Together, Caesar and Rocket lead the children over the entire base with the power lines and into the adults' pin, which has a hole big enough to get them all out one at a time. Caesar lowers Cornelius first into the hole with Maurice and Nova, who leads him through the tunnel and brought up a hole by Bad Ape.

In daylight as an avalanche consumes both Alpha-Omega and the Northern Army, Caesar, with an arrowhead in his right side, made his ways to the trees to brace himself until the avalanche ran its course. Spotted by Rocket and the remaining apes, Caesar becomes relieved to see his remaining tribe safe, most of all his young son. The apes resume their journey to their new home, with Caesar keeping Cornelius close to him. As they marvel at the site of their new home, an oasis, Caesar introduces Cornelius to Nova and Bad Ape, who played with him while Maurice spots Caesar's mortal wound. As he looks at Cornelius playing, Maurice promises the dying Caesar his son will know everything about his father and what he did for him and the tribe.



Lake, Caesar's daughter-in-law.

Lake is Caesar's daughter-in-law.

The wife of his eldest son, Blue Eyes, Caesar and Lake were friendly given Lake's friendship and later romantic relationship with the prince.

When Caesar heads out on his quest to put a stop to McCullough, Caesar entrusts Lake with looking after his remaining son, Cornelius. Before he leaves, Caesar says "You loved my son. Take care of his brother". Lake is hesitant at first, but agrees to look after Cornelius, knowing it is what Blue Eyes would have wanted her to do.

After Caesar is captured by McCullough's men, he is thrown into the same area as the other adult apes. Lake is the only one that defends him and asks him to forgive the others, given what they had been through. She even saves Caesar's life when McCullough threatens to kill him if he doesn't back down.

After Caesar dies, it is assumed that Lake will play a part in Cornelius' upbringing in honor of Caesar.

Friends and AlliesEdit



Maurice, Caesar's first ape best friend, honorary brother, and third-in-command.

Maurice is Caesar's first ape best friend.

From the moment he stepped foot into the San Bruno Primate Shelter, Caesar always had the former circus orangutan, Maurice watching over him. Maurice watched from the sidelines when Caesar struggled to adjust to the shelter and found himself in an unnecessary fight with the alpha chimpanzee Rocket. After seeing Caesar's potential, Maurice decided to befriend the chimpanzee, showing him that he too could use sign language. Caesar happily took the orangutan's companionship and never once questioned him except over his ability to use sign on their first encounter.

From that moment on, the two apes stuck together and Caesar finally made his first friend at the shelter. It was Maurice who unknowingly gave Caesar the idea to break into Will's house and steal the ALZ-113 drug in order to make the other apes intelligent. Maurice was one of the apes first seen with the green irises and silently nodded at Caesar for giving him his new intelligence. During the Ape Rebellion, Caesar commanded Maurice to lead a group of orangutans and chimpanzees under the Golden Gate Bridge supports as they battled the police. They reunited in the forest after the fight where the two along with the other apes embraced each other as brothers living in real freedom.

In the early days, Maurice served as Caesar's third-in-command as the apes struggled to survive when hunters began to hunt them. Caesar commands Maurice to lead the apes away from the helicopters that were circling above the trees and to keep the apes quiet. Maurice also acts as an anchor in the early days of Caesar's marriage to Cornelia despite almost always siding with Cornelia which greatly displeases Caesar.

As the years go on, Maurice and Caesar still remain best friends with Maurice becoming a teacher to Caesar's eldest son, Blue Eyes and being seen as an uncle to the young ape. Maurice also serves as a member of Caesar's council and is still his main confidante. After Cornelia has given birth to a second son, Maurice is one of the first to congratulate Caesar on the birth. Caesar, taking his friend's comment in stride, smiles. The subject steers away from Caesar's sons to the humans.

Maurice asks whether Caesar misses them, in which the ape king admits sometimes, thinking about his adoptive parents, Will and Caroline. Maurice then mentions that over the last ten years the human sightings have become less and less until the last two years in which there hasn't been any sighting of any. When Alexander drops his bag in the forest, Maurice retrieves it on Caesar's orders and looks through it while the council argues about what to do about Ash's shooting. After Caesar agrees to allow to the humans to work on the dam, Maurice accompanies him and comments when Caesar asks about Koba's whereabouts, that Koba is too angry to want to help them.

Maurice is one of the few apes who embraced Caesar's new human friends, showing that his belief with the humans is very similar to Caesar's. After Caesar is shot by Koba, Maurice is locked up for his loyalty to Caesar. After being freed by Blue Eyes on Caesar's orders, Maurice reunites with Caesar at the Rodman House and watches with concern as the ape king takes on Koba. When Maurice is struck by a stray bullet fired from Koba, Caesar becomes enraged as he sees his best friend in pain and tackled Koba for his deed and letting the traitor fall to his death. Maurice would later be seen bowing before Caesar as he along with the other ape await the battle with the humans to commence.

In the two years that pass, Caesar and Maurice are still best friends, but although Maurice is a strongly loyal to Caesar, unlike Rocket he doesn't show unquestionable loyalty as he often disagrees with Caesar and expresses it. Their friendship becomes slightly unsteady when they find a mute human girl named Nova. Caesar tells Maurice to leave her and allow her to die while Maurice stands his ground and insists on taking the girl with them. Maurice also gets in a debate with Caesar after Luca is killed, saying "You are beginning to sound like Koba" due to Caesar wanting revenge against the humans similar to Koba. This slightly angers Caesar, causing him to storm off on his own, however, he later admits Maurice was right in the comparison and spares Colonel McCullough's life. When Caesar was dying, he chooses to have his last words with Maurice which shows their close friendship.

After Caesar dies, it is assumed that Maurice will play a part in Cornelius' upbringing in honor of Caesar.



Buck, Caesar's second ape best friend, bodyguard, and late fourth-in-command.

Buck was Caesar's second ape best friend.

After befriending Maurice, Caesar decided to befriend the lonely gorilla of the shelter known as Buck, whom he had taken an interest in after seeing him trying to break out of his cage. Caesar, who had just learned how to pick locks freed himself from his cell snuck into the play den where he opened a sleeping Buck's cage and woke the latter. Though the Gorilla nearly attacked Caesar, he stopped himself upon seeing his cage door was opened by the chimpanzee who urged him to get out of his cage.

Buck showed some reluctance, but then dashed out of the cage and enjoyed himself by playing around in the den for the first time in years. Truly happy and grateful to be free, Buck turned to thank the smiling and observing Caesar, whom he came to respect and see as a friend. After this encounter, Caesar, with Buck's help had managed to lure and overthrow Rocket as the Alpha of the shelter.

Buck ultimately becomes Caesar's second best friend and serves as one of Caesar's most loyal allies during the Ape Rebellion. Due to his loyalty towards Caesar, Buck sacrificed himself to save Caesar when he was being shot at by police helicopter during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge this causes copter to fall and explode. Caesar quickly ran to the debris and pull his wounded friend out of the debris and did his best to help him survive but to no avail. As Buck slowly dies he thanks Caesar for his friendship and passes away in his arms, which leaves Caesar devastated by the loss of his best friend. Caesar later allowed the human hating bonobo to finish Steven Jacobs, who survived the crash which thereby avenging Buck's heroic actions.



Rocket, Caesar's former rival, third ape best friend, honorary brother and second-in-command.

Rocket is Caesar's third ape best friend.

Caesar's relationship with Rocket didn't have a good start at first. After being placed in an ape sanctuary, Caesar tries to befriend Rocket, but Rocket, who was the Alpha male of the sanctuary, begun to display aggressively in front of Caesar in order to show his dominance. He eventually begins to brutally chase and beat Caesar, causing both to be shot and knocked out. After befriending Buck the gorilla, Caesar lures Rocket out of his cage to the play area, and is able to overthrow him as Rocket is no match for Buck. Caesar and Rocket later settle their differences and they become the most unlikely of friends with Rocket serving as one of Caesar's key lieutenants during the Ape Rebellion and Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. Rocket ends up becoming Caesar's third best friend and loyal follower.

After 10 years, Caesar and Rocket have become even closer as both are now fathers too teenage sons. Rocket serves as an uncle to Caesar's two boys while Caesar serves the same purpose to Ash. Rocket is a member of Caesar's council and is greatly valued for his input and strength. After his son is accidentally shot by Carver, Caesar attempts to calm Rocket down as a panicked Rocket lingers over an injured Ash.

Later, Rocket and Ash agree to follow Caesar in whatever he decides is to be done. After Caesar is shot and almost killed by Koba, Rocket is caged for his loyalty to Caesar. The friends are reunited later at the Rodman House. Rocket then aided Caesar in his plans to defeat Koba and paid witness to their battle for supremacy. He is later seen bowing down to Caesar with the other apes as they await the battle with the humans to come.

In War, Rocket is still a staunch follower of Caesar and follows him throughout the war with the humans. It was Rocket who located an area for the apes to relocate which would be far from the reach of the human army. When some of the tribe are massacred, including Caesar's wife and oldest son, Rocket completely understood Caesar's loss and comforted him in his time of need. He offered to join Caesar in tracking down those who were responsible for the slaughter of his family.

After finding their new home, Caesar and Rocket had a last friendly interaction before Rocket left to join the other apes without knowing that Caesar was going to die. When he noticed that Caesar was not moving any more, Rocket immediately ran to him.

After Caesar dies, it can be assumed that Rocket will play a part in Cornelius' upbringing in honor of Caesar.



Ash, one of Caesar's ape soldiers and honorary nephew.

Ash was Caesar's honorary nephew and the son of Caesar's best friend Rocket.

Like how Koba is to Blue Eyes, Caesar acts as an uncle to Ash due to his friendship with the young ape's father. Caesar knows Ash well as he grew up with his own son, Blue Eyes. Because Ash is Rocket's eldest (and possibly only) child, Caesar has granted him a place on the ape council with Blue Eyes. Growing up, Ash idolized Caesar for his leadership and his views towards humans, which prompted the young chimpanzee to become one of Caesar's biggest supporters.

When Ash is shot by accident by Carver, Caesar becomes worried for his nephew and tells Rocket, Ash's father to calm down and that everything will be all right. At a council meeting later, Ash and Rocket agree with Caesar that the shooting by Carver was a freak accident which greatly displeases Blue Eyes and Koba, who want to make the humans pay for what they did.

After Caesar is shot by Koba, who framed the humans, Ash follows Blue Eyes into battle to "avenge" Caesar. When Blue Eyes reunited with his father at the Rodman House, he tearfully tells Caesar that Koba killed Ash for defying him, which greatly upsets Caesar, knowing that Koba, once a friend to the apes, is now their biggest enemy. Caesar later avenges Ash's death, by killing Koba for the murder of his nephew and other apes.


Caesar & Unknown Gorilla

Luca, Caesar's fourth ape best friend and late fourth-in-command.

Luca was Caesar's fourth ape best friend.

Not much is known about their relationship due to the limited interactions between the two, but it appears that Caesar has enough trust to let Luca take up the mantle of fourth-in-command a position which formerly belonged to one of his late friend. Luca guards the entrance of the Ape Village and is the leader of the Gorilla Guardians, it appears that no threat has interrupted the peace of the Ape Village in the last decade. When Caesar sends Koba to follow the humans to make sure they left, Luca tried to follow him, but was immediately held back by Caesar for unknown reasons.

Later when Malcolm comes to the Ape Village to speak with Caesar, Luca drags him to Caesar while continuously pinning the human to his knees possibly to protect his king from life threatening attempts. When Caesar is "apparently killed" and Koba takes charge he has all the apes still loyal to Caesar imprisoned, these apes include Luca. After Koba is defeated by Caesar, Luca and the other apes are seen bowing in respect to Caesar, who has retaken his position as king of the apes just before the war started by Koba begins.

In War, Luca is still loyal to Caesar and it is shown they have become close friends during the course of the Human-Ape War. When the Ape safe haven is attacked and many apes are killed, including Caesar's wife and oldest son, Luca journeyed with Caesar to defeat Colonel McCullough and end his threat to their people. Luca helped Caesar in (unintentionally) getting revenge on Winter by holding him down, which allowed Caesar to strangle him for giving up the location of the ape civilians which led to the slaughter of Caesar's family. When Caesar invaded the human camp, Luca protected him from ambushing soldier and was mortally wounded as a result. Caesar ran to Luca's aid and the dying gorilla stated at least died protecting Caesar as the latter mourned his comrade. Luca's death had a great impact on Caesar and made him see that his quest for vengeance was hurting his people in the process and caused him to regain his former self.



Grey, one of Caesar's ape soldiers, former enemy, and follower.

Grey was one of Caesar's ape soldiers turned enemy, turned follower.

Grey is a member of the Ape Army and was a follower of Koba whom he showed more loyalty towards Koba, than the ape king. Grey, like Stone was also scared of Caesar as he did not try to help Koba when he was nearly beaten to death by Caesar and due to that scene he had no second thoughts towards aiding Koba in overthrowing Caesar. Grey's part in the usurpation was when he produces evidence that humans killed Caesar and were responsible for the Ape Village burning down, which caused the apes to become angered and follow Koba with his plans of attacking the humans.

Grey would become Koba's second-in-command after the occupation of the city, but moved aside when Caesar turned out to be alive. Grey would then witness Caesar and Koba's battle for supremacy scared of whom he should help but this was put aside when the ape hater, Dreyfus detonated the C4 under the building to explode, Grey became trapped under rubble. Koba, traumatized by the humans' retaliation, spotted Grey and walked towards him, only to retrieve a gun and leaving Grey pinned under the rubble.

Koba then opened fire on the apes. This caused Grey to turn against Koba and become a loyal follower of Caesar. Moreover, when Caesar defeated Koba and the apes were visited by the human Malcolm, Grey held him at gunpoint until Caesar had him back off. Later on, Grey was seen bowing down to Caesar as he prepared the other apes for war with humanity, signifying his new-found loyalty to his king.

In War for the Planet of the Apes: Revelations, it is revealed that Caesar harbored distrust in Grey for his previous allegiance to Koba and couldn't allow him back in the inner circle of apes. It is unknown whether Caesar is aware of Grey's death or if he knew the full extent of it.



Stone, one of Caesar's ape soldiers, former enemy, and follower.

Stone is one of Caesar's ape soldiers turned enemy, turned follower.

Stone is a member of the Ape Army and was a loyal follower of Koba as he was disgusted by Caesar's mercy towards the humans and his refusal to not declare war after they threatened his own children. Stone was also deeply scared of Caesar as he refused to help Koba when the bonobo was nearly beaten to death by Caesar for his insolence.

Stone would later aid in overthrowing Caesar while Koba shot Caesar, Stone was in charge of setting the Ape Village ablaze. Because of Stone's actions the apes were now out of homes and were in a frenzied panic about what to do without a leader but this allowed Koba to take full control of the Ape Army and attack the humans which foreshadowed a fierce battle to come. Stone's choice of following Koba, burning down the ape's homes and marching with him into battle ultimately led to his (apparent) painful yet deserved death by the humans during the attack on the human shelter. However, it was later revealed that he had in fact survived the battle unscathed.

Stone becomes a follower of Caesar after Koba's death at the hands of the ape king; it can be assumed that he learned from Grey about Koba's true colors, as it likely made him feel disgusted that he had sworn allegiance to a violent psychopath and caused him to feel foolish for his blind loyalty.


Spear was one of Caesar's ape soldiers.



Red, one of Caesar's ape soldiers, ally, savior and former enemy.

Red was one of Caesar's ape soldiers turned enemy, turned ally and savior.

Red was once a loyal follower of Caesar's but betrayed him after the alpha killed Koba. He defected to the soldiers, becoming one of their "Donkeys" to oppose Caesar. When captured, he coldly defied Caesar's remarks that he feared him, berating him enough that one ape hit him down. He later took pleasure in torturing the Ape, cruelly pouring water over his head after teasing that he would let him drink it and dragged him around everywhere by his chains,

However, he had a change of heart after seeing Caesar's constant defiance and bravery, so much so that he shot a soldier who tried to kill him, saving Caesar's life at the cost of his own.

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Bad ApeEdit

WPOTA Bad Ape with hoodie

Bad Ape, Caesar's good ape friend and comrade.

Bad Ape is Caesar's good ape friend and comrade.

Caesar first met Bad Ape when the latter was trying to steal one of his horses while he and his group were out scouting. At first, Caesar believes him to be human and opens fire on but stops when cornering him and finding out he was an ape. Caesar and Bad Ape get to know each other with Caesar learning that Bad Ape was a zoo ape who became a wanderer after the time of the Simian Flu outbreak before asking if there were other intelligent apes like him before being told they were long dead. Through his interactions with Bad Ape, Caesar learns of the human camp holding many of his fellow apes captive. Caesar breaks into the camp with his followers and frees the captive apes.

Caesar soon invites Bad Ape to live with him and his colony since he had nowhere to go, an offer which was accepted.

Robert FranklinEdit

Robert Franklin

Robert, Caesar's human savior.

Robert was Caesar's human savior.

After the death of Caesar's mother, Robert had found out that her reason for Bright Eyes going on a rampage was to protect the life of her new-born child. Robert showed great affection to the baby Caesar and refused to euthanized him even after being given orders by Steven Jacobs to do so.

It was Robert who entrusted Caesar in the care of the Rodman Family as he couldn't sneak him out of the lab; due to the fact that his brother-in-law worked in security and knew that Will would take care of him. It is unknown if Will ever told Caesar about Robert's role in him being raised his family or if Caesar ever met Robert while growing up; Caesar is alive today because of Robert.



Rodney, Caesar's kind human caregiver and handler.

Rodney was Caesar's kind human caregiver and handler.

Despite not having a lot of interactions with each other; unlike Dodge, Rodney never bullied Caesar throughout his time at the shelter and even showed some sympathy for the ape as he worried about the ape's safety when he would met his own kind. Also, during the ape's fight with Dodge, Rodney was to tranquilize Caesar but became afraid when Caesar uttered his first word which left him unable to do his order, and allowed Caesar to knock Dodge out.

When Caesar freed the other apes from their cells Rodney entered the room but saw he was outnumbered and tried to leave the room only to be grabbed and beaten horribly by the apes. However, they were stopped by Caesar who knew that Rodney was a far more kinder human than Dodge and that he had done nothing wrong, Caesar calmly lock him in a cell for his safety. When Dodge woke up to confront the apes and was killed by Caesar, Rodney was again horrified and stayed in his cell after witnessing this action.

The next day, when he is found by Caesar's adoptive parents the only words he could muster about the previous night's events was that "He spoke; Your ape he spoke", showing that he was deeply traumatized over seeing an ape talk.


Caesar and Malcolm watch their families interact

Caesar with Malcolm, his new human friend, and human counterpart.

Malcolm is Caesar's second good human friend and human counterpart.

After the rediscovery of humans, Caesar meets Malcolm and his group of humans. Though their meeting did not have a good beginning with a member shooting Caesar's honorary nephew Ash which caused Caesar to order the humans to leave the woods. When Alexander drops his backpack in the rush to get out of the forest, Caesar has Maurice retrieve it and Koba follow them to the city. Later when Caesar addresses the humans in the city and meets up with Malcolm, he returns the backpack to him, showing no ill intent is necessary between the groups.

Malcolm later returns to the Ape Village to ask Caesar for help in restoring power for the human shelter and though Caesar's followers asked to kill the human intruder, Caesar spared him noting he and his group seemed desperate for help. As time passes, Caesar becomes friendly with him as they both have wives that they love and rebellious teenage sons. They also have the same goal; to bring peace so that the apes and humans can live in peace. Though hitting tough spot when Carver threatens both of Caesar's sons at the dam, the bond is restored after the humans give Caesar's sick wife medicine causing the latter to offer help at the dam.

When Koba usurps Caesar, Malcolm and his family find and take Caesar into the city for him to recover and show him nothing but concern. Malcolm and his family take Caesar to the Rodman House where Alexander shows Malcolm a picture of a young Caesar with a human man making him realize that the house is where Caesar grew up and why he was sympathetic and compassionate to him and his family. Caesar then puts his full trust into Malcolm when the latter not only risked his life to get him medical supplies but brought back Caesar's eldest son with him. When Caesar sends Blue Eyes out to get reinforcements to overthrow Koba, he looks at an old video of his younger-self and Will together.

Caesar tells the curious Malcolm that the man on the video was a good man like him. Malcolm later aided the apes by helping them enter the city as well as buying them time on the tower by holding up Dreyfus and his men. When doing this act, he stated that he believes that Caesar will put an end to the chaos one of his rogue soldiers caused. Malcolm's work with the apes allowed Caesar to get back his colony, later Caesar called off his followers who were threatening Malcolm as the latter told him to evacuate the city or war will break out due to Dreyfus' men making contact with other humans. Caesar refused to leave and told Malcolm to leave instead as this war was started by his (Caesar's) people and that the arriving humans will not forgive them due to the events that had transpired. The two lamented on their lost chance for peace and tearfully parted ways as friends.



Ellie, Caesar's new human friend, and the human counterpart of his wife, Cornelia.

Ellie is Caesar's third good human friend.

When Malcolm and his group enter the forest, Caesar encounters Ellie for the first time. But Caesar scares them off after Carver had shot Ash in fear. After Caesar allows Malcolm to access the dam to get the power back up and running, the humans get to work the following day. Ellie is more sympathetic towards the apes evidently when she defends them from Carver's hatred statements about them being responsible for the Simian Flu epidemic. After the falling out between Malcolm's group and Caesar caused by Carver's concealed shotgun, Ellie hurriedly follows Malcolm into the Ape Village for plead for Caesar's forgiveness.

Caesar wants nothing to do with the humans after they broke his trust, but Malcolm and Ellie notice that Cornelia is very ill and she offers to treat Cornelia's sickness as an act of apologetic gesture. Ellie's good nature reminds Caesar that not every human is bad and her kindness helps him to reconsider his orders and rectifies that the human's expedition is extended to one day only.

At the beginning of Koba's revolution, Malcolm, Ellie and Alexander ran through the woods back to the city but stopped when Ellie discovered the body of Caesar, but in a miracle's chance he hadn't been killed and Ellie quickly tries to help treat his wound. Stopping at the Rodman house, Ellie treats Caesar's gunshot wound, even though he had lost a lot of blood, she was astounded at how well he managed to survive his attack.


Alexander (CE)

Alexander, Caesar's new human friend, and the human counterpart of his son, Blue Eyes.

Alexander is Caesar's fourth good human friend.

Despite their limited interaction, it is shown that Caesar sees Alexander as a kind human due to him examining the picture of a young Alex and his mother and even expressing a sign of compassion and sympathy when looking at the picture which makes him travel to the city to the hand the sketchbook back to Alex. When helping the humans with the dam, Caesar did not seem to mind his youngest son Cornelius approaching or playing with Alex and Ellie and even smiles at this touching display.

Later, Caesar invites Alex and the others to the ape village in order to monitor their progress in the city. When Koba usurps Caesar, Alex and his family find Caesar's body in the woods before realizing that he's still alive and take him to the city in order for him to recover. Once at the Rodman house, Alex notices a picture of Caesar with Will Rodman on the mantelpiece making him understand why the ape king was sympathetic to him and his family. As Caesar recovered from his wound Alex expressed concern for the ape while drawing a sketch of him in his book.


WPOTA Mute Girl

Nova, Caesar's fifth good human friend and ally.

Nova is Caesar's fifth good human friend and ally.

Not exactly a friend but not exactly a foe, Caesar and Nova have a bit of an odd relationship. Caesar is seen to argue with Maurice over Nova's fate when they find her and he tells Maurice to just leave her, basically to die. Maurice is insistent and Caesar is forced to agree to take Nova with them.

As the journey goes on, she helps Caesar through the night of his imprisonment by giving him food and water. Caesar and Nova develop a friendship with each other, accepting her as an honorary ape and great friend. He even allows Nova to play with Cornelius in their new home.


Douglas HunsikerEdit

Douglas Hunsiker

Douglas, Caesar's animal hating former human neighbor.

Douglas was Caesar's former human neighbor, and apparent first enemy.

Douglas had a bad temper, and clashed with his neighbors when an all too curious three-year-old Caesar escaped the Rodman house and crept down into Douglas' garden, which frightened his children when the curious chimpanzee wanted to ride a bicycle found in Douglas' garage, causing Douglas to try and attack Caesar with a baseball bat.

Douglas chased Caesar around his garden, causing the frightened chimp to fall off the fence and slash his shin on gardening tools, and almost struck him before Will and Charles arrived to save him from any beatings. While understandable, his actions were completely unjustified as Caesar posed no true threat to his children at that time (he was even far too young and small to even be considered dangerous) Even though Charles insisted that "he just wanted to play", Douglas warned the Rodmans to not let Caesar near his house or his children again or else.

Five years later, Douglas attacked Charles - then suffering from Alzheimer's Disease - over damage to his car. He refused to show any mercy to Charles who tried to prevent him from calling the police. Douglas started threatening and poking Charles, which provoked an angry Caesar (who never forgot the man's attempt on his life) to retaliate and bite Douglas' right index finger off by accident. In revenge, Douglas presumably called the police and Animal Control with Caesar being sent to the San Bruno Primate Shelter. It is apparent that his past attempt on the ape's life and threatening behavior towards his adoptive family earned him Caesar's hatred.

Dodge LandonEdit

Dodge Landon

Dodge, Caesar's human tormentor, enemy and first victim.

Dodge was Caesar's human tormentor and enemy.

Right from the start, Caesar and Dodge had an antagonistic relationship. When Caesar wanted to escape the San Bruno Primate Shelter on his first day, Dodge promised a way out only to trap him in his cage. Caesar then throws "Grade A Primate Chow" in Dodge's face by accident and hoots in amusement. Dodge hoses him and continues to bully him throughout his time at the shelter. When Caesar and the other apes rebel, Dodge is their first casualty when he is electrocuted by accident. Caesar is horrified by what he has done but doesn't mourn for long.

Steven JacobsEdit

Steven Jacobs

Steven, Caesar's human enemy.

Steven was Caesar's human enemy.

When Caesar's mother Bright Eyes went on a rampage resulting in her being killed by security, Steven had ordered all the chimpanzees in Gen Sys Labs euthanized. Unknown to Steven, the newborn Caesar was spared from this fate as the kind caregiver Robert Franklin refused to kill him and turn the infant chimpanzee over to Will Rodman. Years later, Caesar would lead an Ape Rebellion and Steven (unwilling to allow his business to suffer) had join the police in a helicopter and told they had to kill the ape leader.

After the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, Steven had identified Caesar as the ape leader resulting in the police shooting at Caesar and forcing him to run for cover. Caesar would run to a police car where he would find chains and throw them at Steven and the shooter which took them down but one of the pilots began to shoot at Caesar causing his gorilla friend Buck to come to his aid.

Buck's attack on the helicopter led to it crashing into the bridge killing everyone except Steven who was seriously wounded and dangling precariously over the waters below. Steven would beg Caesar for help and the chimpanzee was on the verge of doing however, Caesar, distraught by his friend's death; (correctly) seeing Steven as a corrupt man and the cause of the ape oppression elected not to help him, and allowed the bonobo Koba to finish Steven.


Caesar & Koba

Koba, Caesar's former advisor, former honorary brother and enemy.

Koba was Caesar's close friend turned enemy.

Koba was Caesar's opposite; while Caesar still feels sympathy and compassion for humans, Koba hates them for all the times he was abused and sent to labs as a test subject. Koba can be seen as Caesar's potential rival. In the beginning, it can be seen through the little interaction that the two apes have that Caesar trusted Koba enough to have him lead a group of chimps for the assault on the upper part of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was evident that when Caesar pushes Koba away from Will that if Caesar hadn't stepped in when he did, Koba would have killed him hinting at the rivalry that the two apes will have 10 years in the future. This confrontation also gave Koba knowledge of Caesar's sympathy and compassion for humans.

After 10 years, Koba was appointed as Caesar's advisor and was one of his main companions other than Maurice, Cornelia and Rocket. Caesar appears to have forgiven Koba's attempted attack on Will and now fully trusts Koba taking the bonobo's advice to heart. The pair were close friends but acted so much like brothers as Koba thinks of Caesar's eldest son, Blue Eyes as his nephew due to the bond the two elder apes share. The rediscovery of humans puts a massive strain on their friendship. Caesar was forced to defend himself when Koba accuses him of loving the humans more than the apes causing Caesar to attack Koba for his insolence this would be the breaking point of their relationship as Koba would make plans of overthrowing Caesar.

Caesar was shot in the shoulder by Koba and was gravely injured while Koba led the apes to war. Later, Caesar confronts Koba and the bonobo is surprised at Caesar's survival before stating he has place amongst the apes as they follow him now. Caesar states they follow him to war and madness. Koba states the apes will win war with him as their leader before declaring Caesar as weak. Caesar, unhurt and defiant labels Koba as weaker which causes the latter to lash out at him. Caesar then battles his former friend for supremacy over the colony, as they battle Caesar brought up Koba's treachery while stating he loved Koba as a brother but the bonobo rebuked Caesar's word proclaiming Caesar was a brother to humans. Caesar in turn denounced Koba's claim of fighting for apes by mentioning Koba killed ape and stated Koba rebelled for himself and that he belonged in a cage.

When the tower explodes (due to Dreyfus detonating explosives) Caesar and his followers attempted to help any ape who was caught in the explosion while Koba steals Grey's gun and opens fires on the apes in an attempt to kill Caesar. Caesar, angered and disgusted by this act leaps at Koba causing both to fall. Caesar lands to safety while Koba is left dangling from a ledge he begs his former friend to save him using the "Ape Not Kill Ape" law only for Caesar to let him fall to his death, after disowning Koba as a true ape. This act was shown to have been done with reluctance as Caesar would later mourn and grieve over Koba's death, showing that despite the latter's actions the previous bond of the brotherhood still meant something to him but felt it needed to be done, however, he could not forgive the bonobo for his actions. Caesar also seems to regret ever trusting Koba in the first place and not knowing how evil he truly was inside and now finally seeing him as his greatest and most hated enemy, even in death. Two years later, Koba's presence still haunts Caesar (even in his dreams and hallucinations) and becomes his inner demon.



Stone, one of Caesar's former ape soldiers now enemy.

Stone was one of Caesar's ape soldiers and former enemy turned follower

Stone was a member of the Ape Army and was a loyal follower of Koba as he was disgusted by Caesar's mercy towards the humans and his refusal to not declare war after they threatened his own children. Stone was also deeply scared of Caesar as he refused to help Koba when the bonobo was nearly beaten to death by Caesar for his insolence.

Stone would later aid in overthrowing Caesar while Koba shot Caesar, Stone was in charge of setting the Ape Village ablaze. Because of Stone's actions the apes were now out of homes and were in a frenzied panic about what to do without a leader but this allowed Koba to take full control of the Ape Army and attack the humans which foreshadowed a fierce battle to come. Stone's choice of following Koba, burning down the ape's homes and marching with him into battle. After Koba is killed, Stone decides to follow Caesar instead of joining Red and Grey, as seen in War.



Carver, Caesar's human enemy.

Carver was Caesar's human enemy.

Caesar met Carver when the latter shot/injured his nephew Ash and threatened the life of Caesar's son Blue Eyes in the woods and while Malcolm tried to apologize for the situation, Carver scolded him for talking to what he thought were dumb animals. However, Caesar and his colony had not only manage to prove Carver wrong but leave him visibly shaken by talking to them and ordering his group out of the woods. Later on when Caesar allowed Malcolm's group to work on the dam, Carver express his disgust for the apes falsely believing they are responsible for the Simian Flu Outbreak that wiped out the human race.

While Malcolm's group were working on the Dam and suffered some injuries, Caesar's young son Cornelius becomes curious and decides to investigate the humans where he winds up befriending Ellie and Alexander and dislike of Carver who bluntly ruined the fun between the apes and humans. Carver went over the line when Cornelius accidentally uncovered a hidden gun in his tool box which not only broke Caesar's rule of no guns be allowed but gain the human's ire and made him threaten the baby chimp causing Blue Eyes to step in and be threatened to.

Caesar would come and protect both his sons from this situation by attacking Carver (he was about to beat Carver to death for threatening his sons, if Malcolm had not calm Caesar down) and throwing his gun off the dam and order the humans out of Ape Territory. When Malcolm tells Caesar that he had no idea that Carver had a gun with him, realizing that Malcolm is telling the truth, he gives his group another chance, however, Caesar makes it clear that he wants Carver out of the apes' territory, as he cannot be trusted, which Malcolm agrees to.


There are already on their way! - Dreyfus

Dreyfus, Caesar's human opposite.

Dreyfus was Caesar's human opposite.

Despite having no direct contact with the leader of the human colony, it is very clear that Caesar doesn't trust Dreyfus and in return, doesn't trust Caesar. It is also shown that Dreyfus was surprised when Caesar addresses the humans in English when he takes his army into the city and threatens to wage war if the humans don't obey his orders to stay away from the apes' territory. Later, when Malcolm threatens to kill Dreyfus, the latter once again displays his dislike and contempt for the apes by saying that they're purely mindless animals who don't know what they're doing.

J. Wesley McCulloughEdit

WPOTA The Colonel

McCullough, Caesar's human enemy.

McCullough was Caesar's human enemy.

At first McCullough was merely the leader of the humans trying to destroy Caesar's colony and so was a natural enemy, however, McCullough personally goes to Caesar's home in order to assassinate him and mistakenly murders Caesar's son Blue Eyes and his wife Cornelia. This leads Caesar to have a grudge against McCullough and sets out on an almost hopeless mission to kill him.

Caesar's hate towards McCullough increases when he finds members of his ape colony strung up outside and left to starve to death. McCullough also imprisoned most of Caesar's colony and used them as slaves to build his wall, McCullough also shoots a weak orangutan in front of Caesar and ties Caesar up outside in the cold refusing to feed or hydrate Caesar and the rest of the apes. When Caesar finally gets to talk to McCullough, he says to Caesar that he is taking all his actions far too personally and explains to Caesar why the humans and apes can never have peace. He also mocks Caesar by saying he is too emotional although is impressed by Caesar's intellect. When McCullough explains to Caesar that he was forced to kill his own son, Caesar feels some sympathy for him although this is short lived as McCullough then says he is glad he killed Caesar's son so he couldn't inherit Caesar's kingdom.

During the final battle between the two human factions. Caesar insists he stays behind to kill McCullough even though it could cost him his life. However, when he gets to McCullough's office, he finds the human lying in his bed and points his own gun at him until he discovered McCullough has been reduced to a primitive state by the mutated Simian Flu. As McCullough grabs the gun to make Caesar shoot him, Caesar, at first, obliged but struggled to pull the trigger until he decided not to, as he remember how McCullough was in a similar position with his own infected son who trusted his own father to kill him. Caesar chose not to kill McCullough because the human expected empathy, and Caesar chose not to give it to him (as the human doesn't deserve any empathy) as he sees McCullough for what he truly is; a man twisted by fear who will go the length to protect himself from the mutated Simian Flu. He watches the defeated Colonel reach for his gun and put a bullet in his own head, ending his sick regime.


WPOTA Winter

Winter, one of Caesar's former ape soldiers now enemy and second ape victim.

Winter was one of Caesar's ape soldiers turned enemy and accidental victim.

Despite being a loyal follower during the war, his cowardice overcame him so much that he betrayed Caesar's location to Red to protect himself. This decision enabled McCullough to find the ape's hideout where he killed many of the apes including Caesar's wife and oldest son.

Caesar harbored a great hatred towards Winter for his betrayal, after interrogating him, Winter attempt to call out to the Alpha-Omega soldiers to save him, but Caesar, along with Luca and Rocket smother him to keep him quiet, Caesar unknowingly suffocated Winter to death, although he hated the traitorous albino gorilla for his indirect role in Blue Eyes and Cornelia's deaths, he did not intend to kill him, when he discovered that he had unintentionally killed Winter, Caesar was horrified at what he had done.


WPOTA Preacher 3

Preacher, Caesar's human enemy and killer.

Preacher was Caesar's human enemy and killer

In the apes final war, Caesar and him apes go out, but Caesar still stay here, say to Rocket, that Maurice was right, i am like Koba, he could not escape him hate, but i still cannot escape mine, in the last day of the war, McCullough's solderis find him, but McCullough didin t come out, Caesar find McCullough want to kill him, then Caesar him go in to see a picture of McCullough's son. Caesar found it, but McCullough cannot talking because him already in Simian Fu as doll for Nova, Caesar want to kill him, but Caesar put down a gun, let McCullough to kill himself, because Caesar didin t want become Koba one times angin.

Red and soldeies shot Caesar's apes, but this time Red see there shot, think is him do is very wrong. After Red see Cesar go to drop to sell, but preacher shot Caesar before. Preacher want shot him two times, then Red pick gun to kill Preacher to saves Caesar, then Caesar back to see for Red, because Red save Caesar is already destory for human.

Preacher's goal was to kill Caesar in order to cripple the ape colony, although he does die days later from the arrow wound he received from Preacher, causing the death of the king was ultimately in vain, as Caesar assures Maurice that the apes are strong with or without him.

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