This article is about the character of the Planet of the Apes reboot series. For the character of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Battle for the Planet of the Apes, see Caesar (APJ) 

Caesar HD
Biographical information
Born 2008
Died N/A
Occupation Inmate of the San Bruno Primate Shelter (formerly)
Leader of the Ape Army
King of the Ape Colony
Patriarch of the Royal Ape Family
Head of the Ape Council
Species Chimpanzee
Gender Male
Age Few days old; 3; 8 (RotPotA)
18 (DotPotA)
20 (WftPotA)
Status Alive
Family Alpha (biological father) †
Bright Eyes (biological mother) †
Will Rodman (adoptive father) †
Caroline Aranha (adoptive mother) †
Charles Rodman (adoptive grandfather) †
Cornelia (wife)
Blue Eyes (son)
Cornelius (son)
Continuity Movies (CE)
Portrayed By Andy Serkis
Voiced By Andy Serkis
First Appearance Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Last Appearance War for the Planet of the Apes
Only Appearance {{{Only}}}
I did not start this war. I offered you peace. I showed you mercy. And now you are finish us off. For good.
— Caesar on War for the Planet of the Apes.
  Caesar is the main protagonist of the Planet of the Apes reboot series. He is an evolved chimpanzee, the leader of the Ape Army, the king of the Ape Colony and the patriarch of the Royal Ape Family. He is also the biological son of Alpha and Bright Eyes, the adoptive son of Will Rodman and Caroline Aranha, the adoptive grandson of Charles Rodman, the husband of Cornelia, the father of Blue Eyes and Cornelius and the ape counterpart of Malcolm.

In Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar is raised by Will and Caroline after the death of his mother, but he is banished to live in captivity at the San Bruno Primate Shelter after he violently attacks a neighbor for threatening his adoptive grandfather. However, he later leads fellow apes in a rebellion against abusive handlers and the police resulting in the apes finding true freedom in the Muir Woods Park. For a decade, Caesar and his people live in peace due to world pandemic caused by Gen-Sys Laboratories' releasing a deadly virus strain, which isn't lethal to primates, only the human population.

In Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar struggles to maintain dominance over his community of intelligent apes while also having to deal with the threat of war after a group of human survivors suddenly re-emerge after it is believed that humanity had been pushed to extinction due to the Simian Flu Pandemic. Caesar was betrayed and briefly overthrown by one of his former closest friends who he later fights to regains his position. After a long and brutal fight, Caesar emerges victorious but has to prepare his people for all out war against the human race.


Rise of the Planet of the ApesEdit

A legend is bornEdit

Caesar is born in the San Francisco biotech company Gen-Sys Laboratories as the son of a female chimpanzee nicknamed Bright Eyes and an alpha male chimpanzee of Bright Eyes' troop residing in the West African Jungle. Following the death of his mother, Caesar is found by the chimpanzee handler, Robert Franklin, and the eccentric scientist, Will Rodman. Upon the discovery, they realize that Bright Eyes' earlier rampage was not due to the ALZ-112, an experimental drug that, through neurogenesis, repairs brain cells and increases mental capabilities, in her system, but due to her maternal instincts to protect her newborn baby whom she had secretly given birth to a day or two earlier. Because Bright Eyes' aggression was believed to be the effects of the ALZ-112, head of Gen-Sys, Steven Jacobs, terminates the project and orders the apes in the facility's possession, euthanized. However, Franklin is unable to bring himself to put the infant down and convinces a reluctant Will to take him instead, sparing the infant's life in the process.

Baby Caesar

Caesar as a baby

Returning home, Will discovers, to his delight, that the infant chimpanzee has inherited the ALZ-112 from his mother after he and his father, Charles Rodman, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease that Will, under employment at Gen-Sys, is desperately searching, to no avail, for a cure to, witness the infant drinking from a bottle on his own at only two days old. Three years later, Will has decided to keep the infant whom is given the name, Caesar, and raise him as his own while continuing his life's work on the ALZ-112 in secret. At eighteen months, Caesar is signing up to twenty-four words, at age two, he completes puzzles and models designed for human children eight years and up, at age three, he completes the Lucas Tower with a perfect score of fifteen moves and becomes an expert chess player as well. Throughout his years, Caesar continues to show signs of heightened intelligence and cognitive skills that far exceed that of a human counterpart, much to Will's amazement.

One day, Caesar spots children outside of his attic window playing on bikes and, after seeing the children leaving their bikes in a garage, he sneaks out a window while Will is distracted accessing his father's improvement after supposedly curing him with the ALZ-112. However, Alice Hunsiker discovers Caesar playing with a bike in the garage and alerts her father, Will's short-tempered neighbour, Douglas Hunsiker, who threatens Caesar with a baseball bat until Will and Charles, after discovering his absence, arrive to defend him. Since Caesar suffers a leg injury while attempting to escape from Hunsiker, Will sneaks him into the San Francisco Zoo where he is treated by veterinarian and primatologist, Caroline Aranha, who takes an interest in Caesar after learning that Will had taught Caesar how to sign along with a handful of other things. Visiting their home, Caroline informs Will that Caesar should have "some open space" since he will not be young and small for long and will soon grow into "a large, powerful animal". Therefore, Will, Caroline and Charles introduce Caesar to the redwood forest at Muir Woods National Monument where he spends time in a more natural habitat, climbing the towering redwood trees. Five years later, Caesar, now an ambitious teenager, is growing more and more curious about the world around him. After leaving the redwood forest with Will and Caroline, now in a relationship, Caesar spots a dog on a leash like his own and questions his identity. Will takes Caesar and Caroline to Gen-Sys and informs Caesar of his mother's death and explains the origins of the ALZ-112 that she genetically passed on to him, leaving him devastated over her death and causing him to start to resent humans.

Rebellion against humanityEdit

Caesar Holding a Statue of Liberty Model HD

Caesar completing a Statue of Liberty model

Meanwhile, Charles' immune system has developed antibodies that prevent the ALZ-112 from delivering its therapy and therefore his dementia returns. In his state of dementia, Charles accidentally wrecks Hunsiker's car who threatens him and attempts to call the police. However, Hunsiker is attacked by an infuriated Caesar who chases and bites off of the vile man's right index finger as revenge for threatening Charles, but becomes horrified by his actions and runs into Charles' arms. After the incident, Caesar is forced by court order to leave Will's custody and be confined in captivity at the San Bruno Primate Shelter. At first, Caesar is treated cruelly by Dodge Landon, a caretaker at the shelter who sprays Caesar with water after he throws food at Dodge and Rocket, the alpha male chimpanzee at the shelter who chases and almost beats Caesar to death before both are sedated. However, Caesar later forms a close friendship with Maurice, a circus orangutan, who also knows sign language. When Dodge invites his friends to the shelter, one of his friends foolishly entices Caesar over to him and is grabbed around the throat before Caesar releases him, scaring Dodge and his friends away. However, Caesar unknowingly stole a pocket knife and, using it, attached to a medium length stick, frees himself, gaining free access to the common area. He then frees Buck, a gorilla, who has been kept in solitary confinement and pledges his allegiance to Caesar. Later, Caesar lures Rocket out of his cage and attacks him with a gasoline canister, but does no more harm, establishing his dominance over the ape and proving that he is now the alpha male. Rocket willingly surrenders. Caesar also gains the respect of the other apes at the shelter.

Caesar and the ALZ-113

Caesar stealing the ALZ-113

Caesar later steals Dodge's cookies and gives the packet to Rocket, teaching him to be selfless and care for his fellow apes, earning Caesar the respect and friendship of Rocket. The next day, Caesar explains to Maurice that "apes alone... weak", but "apes together strong". They then notice several apes playing in the water, prompting Maurice to comment, "apes stupid", giving Caesar an idea. That night, he escapes from the shelter, undetected, and returns to Will's house. He proceeds to steal two canisters of the ALZ-113, a more powerful yet gaseous version of the ALZ-112 that Will developed in the hope of saving his father, but unfortunately, Charles declined further treatment and died overnight. Caesar returns to the shelter and uses the ALZ-113 to enhance the intelligence and mental capabilities of himself and his fellow apes. He promises to lead them to freedom. Ready to put his plan in action, Caesar confronts Dodge who strikes him several times with an electrical cattle prod, but just as Dodge attempts to strike Caesar again, he catches the prod before shocking everyone by speaking for the first time, shouting, "No!" He incapacitates Dodge and leaves him in a cage before freeing the apes. Rodney, another caretaker at the shelter, is beaten upon by the apes, but Caesar stops them, as Rodney was kind to the apes, and locks him in a cage instead. However, Dodge then awakens and tries to grab the hose, but Caesar pulls it away from him. An angry Dodge grabs the prod instead and lunges at Caesar who electrocutes him by spraying him with water, unintentionally killing him. Caesar is distraught at his first human kill before he leads his fellow apes to the outskirts of the city. He divides the apes into two groups, leading one group to Gen-Sys while Buck leads the other group to the zoo in order to free the remaining incapacitated apes. Caesar leads hundreds of apes throughout the city, sending its population into a massive panic. The apes combat the humans that try to apprehend them before Caesar, Rocket, Maurice, Buck and many other apes hitch a ride on a tram, heading straight for the Golden Gate Bridge in order to escape into the redwood forest.

Battle on the Golden Gate BridgeEdit

Caesar Leading the Ape Army HD

Caesar leading the apes across the Golden Gate Bridge

Caesar leads his army across the bridge, terrifying the citizens as they make their way to the redwood forest. However, the police set up a blockade, forcing Caesar to halt his army's progression. Realizing the impending threat, Caesar divides his forces into three groups, the first group climbs the suspension cables, the second group climbs underneath the bridge while the third group, led by Caesar, charges straight ahead in order to overcome the blockade and ambush the police. Caesar then orders the gorillas to use a bus as a shield, protecting them from the police's gunfire before Caesar, riding a police horse, orders his army to attack from all sides, overwhelming the police. However, just then, a helicopter (in which Jacobs is riding) arrives and begins to gun down the apes. Caesar is targeted, but Buck sacrifices himself, throwing Caesar to safety and leaping onto the helicopter. Despite being mortally wounded, Buck still causes the helicopter to crash onto the bridge, killing all three police officers and trapping Jacobs in the wreckage. Caesar pulls the dying Buck to safety, but is unable to do anything to save him. Buck thanks Caesar for his friendship before succumbing to his wounds. Saddened over the death of his friend, Caesar refuses to save Jacobs who begs for his help and gives Koba, a scarred bonobo, who holds a grudge against humans for mistreatment, permission to kill Jacobs. Koba does so by pushing the helicopter off of the edge of the bridge, sending it and Jacobs plummeting into the ocean below.

The beginning of the endEdit

Caesar Watching San Francisco

Caesar watching San Francisco from a distance

With the police defeated, Caesar leads the apes to the redwood forest. However, Will, who had earlier learned of Caesar's rebellion against humans and witnessed the battle between the police, quickly follows the apes to the forest. Will searches for Caesar, only to be attacked by Koba, but Caesar arrives and orders Koba to stand down. Will warns Caesar that the humans will hunt them down and pleads with him to come home, promising to protect him if he does. In response, Caesar hugs Will and whispers in his ear, "Caesar is home". A shocked Will, realizing that it is indeed their final moments together, respects Caesar's wishes. Caesar then approaches his favorite tree before turning to face the apes who have now accepted him as their leader as he climbs to the top of the tree with Maurice and Rocket joining him on the adjacent trees. They calmly gaze upon San Francisco, unaware of the deadly virus that would soon destroy mankind.

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Peace and harmonyEdit

Ten years after the worldwide pandemic of the deadly Simian Flu, human civilization is completely destroyed all over the world. Over 99% of the human population has died in the pandemic while apes with genetically enhanced intelligence have started to build a civilization of their own. Near the ruins of San Francisco, Caesar reigns supreme over the ever growing Ape Colony residing in Muir Woods. His people have learned sign language in order to communicate with one another, medical and combat training to care for and defend themselves as well as hunting as a way of life. He also forges the Ape Council consisting of his closest friends, Maurice, Rocket and Koba. Later in life, Caesar and his wife, Cornelia, have a son named Blue Eyes (due to his blue irises) who is inducted into the Ape Army and the Ape Council by his father in order for him to learn how to operate an empire that will one day be his own.

Caesar and Blue Eyes HD

Caesar and Blue Eyes hunting in the woods

On a hunt for elk, Caesar successfully ensnares a stag. Before proceeding to kill the stag, Caesar notices, to his concern, large claw marks on a nearby tree and orders his son to wait. Blue Eyes, however, disobeys his father's order and attempts to kill the stag, but is attacked by a bear. Caesar, attempting to protect his wounded son and fight the bear, stands no chance and immediately calls for help. His call is eventually heard by Koba who kills the bear by spearing it in the back of the head, trapping Caesar underneath its corpse. However, Caesar emerges from underneath the corpse. He thanks Koba for the assistance and reprimands Blue Eyes for his recklessness before they return to the Ape Village. Returning to the village, Caesar is summoned to his home where he witnesses the birth of his youngest son, Milo. He summons over Blue Eyes to meet his new younger brother and together, the Royal Ape Family celebrates the new addition to their family and colony. Later that afternoon, Maurice congratulates Caesar on the birth, but the subject changes to humans who haven't been seen for the last ten winters. Maurice believes that the humans are all gone, but Caesar still questions the humans' eradication.

A fragile agreementEdit

Caesar and the Ape Army

Caesar issuing a warning to the humans

Awakened by the sound of a gunshot, Caesar quickly makes his way through the forest until he discovers a group of humans led by a man named Malcolm, much to his shock. Malcolm tries to reassure the apes that the humans mean no harm to them, but since one of the humans shot Ash, the son of Rocket, wounding him. Caesar angrily orders the humans to leave. The humans quickly depart, but Caesar orders Koba to follow them, leading the apes to discover a community of human survivors in the city who are genetically immune to the virus and living in a tower within the city. Back at the village, Caesar and the Council discuss what should be done about the humans. Koba insists on fighting the humans, but Caesar acknowledges that war could cost them their home. He assures the Council that he will have a decision by morning before retiring to his home. However, Koba approaches Caesar and tells him of his past, that he will obey his commands without hesitation, but the apes must show strength. Caesar agrees. Marching to the tower, Caesar announces to the terrified humans that while apes do not want war, they will fight to defend their home, warning the humans to never come back to the forest before the apes depart. However, Malcolm and his party return to the forest despite Caesar's warning. Malcolm travels into the apes' territory and is captured by the Gorilla Guardians, the protectors of the forest, and is taken to Caesar. Malcolm tells Caesar that if he just allows him to show him, he will understand why the humans are trespassing into his territory. Caesar accepts Malcolm's proposal. Malcolm then takes Caesar and several other apes to a hydroelectric dam where he explains that the humans need to repair the dam's generator, which could provide long-term power to the city and therefore they will be able to reach the outside world and hopefully find other survivors. Sympathetic to the humans, Caesar allows them to stay and repair the dam's generator, but they must work unarmed.

Caesar, Ellie and Blue Eyes HD

Caesar accepting help from Ellie

Returning to the village, Caesar is at ease with the humans' presence in the forest unlike Koba who is angry that Caesar is choosing to help the humans rather than attack them. However, Caesar informs Koba that the apes and the humans have only one chance for peace, but Koba's hatred for humans only grows stronger, driving a wedge between the honorary brothers. As the humans proceed to repair the dam's generator, they bond with the apes. Mutual distrust of both sides gradually subsides. During their progression, the humans are suddenly trapped underground due to an explosion, but Caesar and his fellow apes rescue them after they had been informed of the humans' situation by Ellie, a nurse and Malcolm's wife, and Alexander, Malcolm's son. While the humans are being treated for their injuries, Malcolm thanks Caesar for the assistance, but before anything else can be said, Milo scurries out of Blue Eyes' arms to investigate the humans. However, the genocide between the apes and the humans returns when Carver, who holds a deep hatred for the apes, threatens Blue Eyes with a concealed shotgun, enraging his father who almost kills Carver. Caesar, in his betrayed fury, threatens the humans with the shotgun, but instead, tosses it into the lake. Departing with both of his sons, Caesar furiously orders the humans to leave at once. Back at the village, Caesar discovers, to his grief, that his wife is seriously ill. Weeping over his sick wife, Caesar receives a visit from Malcolm and Ellie who had followed him back to the village, begging for him to reconsider as they did not know about the shotgun. Caesar, however, hasn't forgotten the recent incident and is not at all pleased by their presence in his home, ignoring their pleas. Ellie then notices Cornelia and offers to treat her with antibiotics, but Caesar doesn't trust them anymore. Despite his distrust and his son's protests, Caesar allows Ellie to treat Cornelia, allowing the humans only one day to finish their work with the apes' help.

Battle of San FranciscoEdit

Wounded Caesar and Ellie

A wounded Caesar asking the whereabouts of his family

Meanwhile, Koba returns to the village after infiltrating the city along with his followers, Stone and Grey, and discovering an armory in secret. After learning from Blue Eyes that Caesar is still assisting the humans at the dam despite that they have threatened both of his sons. Koba confronts Caesar, accusing him of loving humans more than apes and more than his own sons. In response, an enraged Caesar severely beats Koba, but refrains from killing him, adhering to his philosophy that "ape not kill ape". Koba asks for forgiveness and Caesar hesitantly forgives him. However, the brutal fight has permanently broken their relationship beyond repair. While Caesar continues to assist the humans, Koba begins to secretly plan to overthrow him. The dam is eventually repaired with the combined efforts of the apes and the humans, restoring power to the city. Caesar invites the humans back to the village to celebrate. During the celebration, however, Grey, under Koba's orders, sets fire to the apes' home, then, unseen to anyone else, Koba shoots Caesar in the shoulder with an assault rifle that he stole from the humans' armory, causing Caesar to fall from the settlement's main tree, much to the horror and grief of his people, especially Cornelia and Blue Eyes. In the panic of the loss of the alpha and the threat of the fire, Koba takes charge and, implicating Carver whom he secretly murdered in the shooting, urges his people to fight against the humans, promising to avenge the death of their beloved king.

Caesar Confronting Koba HD

Caesar confronting Koba on the tower

Malcolm's group, who had successfully hidden from the outraged ape army, find Caesar barely alive who reveals to Malcolm that Koba shot him, not Carver. The group return and discover the city in flames due to the apes' earlier assault on the city. Despite heavy causalities, the apes breached the tower using a hijacked tank and imprisoned the humans while Dreyfus, the leader of the remaining human survivors, fled underground. Malcolm's group transports Caesar to his former home in the city where they learn of his past with humans. Malcolm leaves the group and heads into the city to find medical supplies for Caesar. Eventually, Malcolm returns with the medical supplies and Blue Eyes who had encountered Malcolm whilst he was searching for the medical supplies. Blue Eyes is overjoyed to see that his father is alive and stays by his side while Ellie prepares to operate. After the surgery, Blue Eyes also learns of his father's past with humans before Caesar suddenly awakens. Blue Eyes apologizes to his father, but Caesar tells his son that it is his fault and that he shouldn't have trusted Koba. Because of Koba's actions, Caesar realizes that apes can be as violent as humans. Blue Eyes informs his father that Koba imprisoned the apes still loyal to him and that Koba killed Ash, much to his sadness. Blue Eyes tries to reassure his father that once the apes see that he is alive, they'll turn from Koba, but not if Caesar is weak. Since ape always seek the strongest branch. Unable to contain his rage towards Koba for not only his betrayal, but for what he is trying to turn his people into, Caesar is determined to try and stop Koba, but is in no condition to fight just yet. Therefore, Blue Eyes, speaking in broken English for the first time, asks his father to let him help him. Caesar, proud of his son, agrees.

Two days later, Caesar, slowly recovering from the surgery, explores his former home and discovers an old camcorder, which depicts Will Rodman, Caesar's adoptive father, teaching a younger Caesar before Caesar is interrupted by Malcolm. Suddenly, Caesar spots, outside of his attic window, Blue Eyes, who has successfully freed the imprisoned apes, he had also successfully freed the imprisoned humans as well. Blue Eyes informs his father that Koba is planning to move the females and the infants from the forest into the city, including Cornelia and Milo. Fearing for his wife and his youngest son, Caesar urges Malcolm that they must leave immediately. Malcolm guides Caesar and the apes to the tower from below, but are forced to separate after encountering an armed human. Caesar and the apes climb the tower to the top where Caesar confronts Koba. Caesar and Koba battle for supremacy while the rest of the tribe watches on with concern. As Caesar and Koba's battle escalates, Dreyfus detonates C-4 charges that he planted beneath the tower. The resulting explosion kills him and collapses part of the tower. While Caesar and Blue Eyes help injured apes, a furious Koba suddenly begins to open fire on them, injuring Maurice in the process. Caesar then dives at Koba and tackles him, causing both of them to tumble down the debris. Caesar lands safely, but Koba is hanging over the edge of the tower. Pleading for his life, Koba reminds Caesar that apes do not kill apes, but Caesar states that Koba is not an ape anymore and lets him fall to his death, shedding a single tear at the latter's death. The tribe celebrates Caesar's victory.

Preparation for warEdit

Caesar and the Ape Colony

Caesar preparing the apes for war

After ending Koba's tyranny, Caesar notices Grey and several other apes threatening Malcolm who had survived the earlier explosion and orders the apes to leave him. Malcolm informs Caesar of the impending arrival of human military reinforcements that Dreyfus' men had made radio contact with. Caesar tells Malcolm that the humans will never forgive the apes for the war that they have started and advises him to leave with his family for safety as the two of them acknowledge their friendship. Both of them lament the fact that peace could have been achieved if there wasn't any animosity existing between the apes and the humans. As Malcolm disappears, Caesar reunites with Cornelia and Milo and along with Blue Eyes, he embraces his family. He then stands before a kneeling mass of apes, awaiting the war to come.

War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

More to come...


Rise of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Caesar is an immensely intelligent chimpanzee who commands respect and loyalty from all those that encounter him. From his various ages, Caesar's personality changes.

As an infant, he is very curious. His curiosity grows as he gets older and sometimes gets him into trouble.

As a young chimpanzee, Caesar is very playful, adventurous and carefree.

However, as a teenager, Caesar is much more mature, displaying human emotions, such as happiness, anger and independence. He also displays a resentment for most humans after he learns the truth about his origins and his mother's death. At the beginning, Caesar has a good relationship with humans due to being raised by Will and Caroline, but by the end, Caesar has grown to despise most humans mainly because of their behavior towards his fellow apes. His relationship with his people is much better. He is devoted and protective of his fellow apes. Caesar has proven on several occasions to be a great leader, displaying charisma during the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, and willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his army.

Caesar is also compassionate, these emotions, however, can cause him to attack anyone who dares to try and harm the people he loves, this is proven on several occasions usually involving humans and apes, on the first occasion, he viciously attacks Hunsiker who assaults a confused Charles, during the incident, Caesar bites off of Hunsiker's right index finger by accident, a trait that all apes share when it comes to humans, but becomes horrified by his actions and is consoled by Charles. On the second occasion, Caesar refuses to return to his cage and is confronted by Dodge, growing more and more furious at the man's insults, he shocks everyone by speaking for the first time and by unintentionally killing Dodge. Although Caesar hated the man, he did not intend to cause his death. His death causes Caesar to experience survivor's guilt, but it also leads him to vow to kill only the humans that did wrong to him and his people, not those that did no wrong. He also begins to teach his people to do the same.

Although he loves and adores his adoptive father, Will. Their relationship eventually becomes strained to the point where Caesar starts to feel abandoned by Will and when Will attempts to reclaim him, Caesar refuses to go home with him, no longer wishing to be treated as a pet and preferring to stay with his fellow apes. During the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, Caesar witnesses the deaths of many of his fellow apes, including his loyal friend, Buck, who sacrifices himself in order to protect Caesar. Caesar experiences sorrow and pain over Buck's death and also displays ruthlessness and cruelty when he refuses to save Jacobs who was, although indirectly, responsible for Buck's death. Instead of killing the man himself, Caesar chooses to allow Koba to kill Jacobs, which also displays that Caesar can be merciless but also vengeful. Although Caesar could have returned to the only home he has ever known, he ultimately chooses to live in the redwood forest with his fellow apes, choosing a life of freedom over a life of solitude.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: FirestormEdit

During the early days of the Ape Colony, initially, Caesar became slightly arrogant, impulsive and a control freak, however, by the time of the events of Dawn, he had become mature to the point where he is no longer the arrogant, impulsive and control freak chimpanzee he once was.

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

As a middle-age chimpanzee, Caesar is wise and well-respected by his people who see him as more of the all-father than the king. He is the ultimate leader. He combines intellect and ability, confidence and humility, strength and compassion. It's this unique mix of rare qualities that inspires others to follow. At the same time though, he is not afraid to assert dominance if another ape defies him, seeing it as a challenge to his authority (such as when he nearly strangled Koba after the latter accused Caesar of caring for humans more than apes and his own family, in front of his fellow apes including his son, Blue Eyes).

As a husband, he loves his wife, Cornelia, and shares an affectionate relationship with her. As a father, he loves both of his sons, Blue Eyes and Cornelius, sharing a strong bond with and sometimes having problems with his eldest son, but also becoming a counterbalance to Blue Eyes' recklessness. Caesar is fiercely protective of his family and will never hesitate to protect them when they are threatened, he will even go as far as to attempt to kill to protect his loved ones. This is proven when he almost kills Carver who threatened the lives of both of his sons.

As the king of a growing empire, Caesar has many responsibilities that can be very stressful since he has to try and juggle between being a husband, a father and a king. However, he has Cornelia's constant support; her presence also helps keep him grounded and calm in important situations. He has since developed a strong moral code and principle, apes do not kill apes. He is fiercely loyal to the moral code, proven when he almost kills Koba after the latter accuses him of loving humans more than his people and his family, but ultimately spares his life. Caesar is also very forgiving even if he has been deceived or disrespected, proven when he forgives Koba twice for his indolence. Despite his resentment for most humans, Caesar still possesses compassion and sympathy for the humans, proven by his friendship with Malcolm, but also because he was raised by the Rodman family who showered him with nothing but love and kindness.

Caesar was once naïve, believing that apes were better than humans, but after Koba's betrayal, Caesar realizes that there is no difference between the two species. Caesar still possesses some of the personality traits when he was a teenager, such as violent mood swings, although he has learned to control himself. He is a terrifying spectacle when he was enraged. In the end, Caesar still displays a dark side when he chooses to let Koba fall to his death, after declaring that he was no longer an ape and because he has destroyed any chance for peace between the apes and the humans, forcing Caesar to have to prepare his people for war.

War for the Planet of the Apes: RevelationsEdit

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War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

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  • Animal Strength: Caesar possesses incredible feats of strength, capable of overpowering several police officers during the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was stated in the Novelization of Dawn that Caesar is stronger than most chimpanzees and any human. He easily overpowered Koba during their first confrontation, however this could have been due to the latters advanced age. Caesar is able to overpower and knock over adult humans effortlessly. The reason for his unusual physical strength in comparison to the other apes is unknown, however, it could be a side effect of the ALZ-113 virus.
  • Animal Speed: Caesar possesses incredible feats of speed. Escaping from and returning to the shelter without being seen. During the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, he catches a police officer off guard, knocking him off of his horse. He later prevents Koba from harming Will as well.
  • Animal Reflexes: Caesar possesses incredible reflexes. He is also an expert acrobat, possessing incredible climbing abilities, which are constantly displayed throughout his life and his countless battles with both apes and humans alike.
  • Animal Stamina: Caesar possesses very high stamina, rarely ever growing exhausted from daily activities or the necessaries of survival.
  • Animal Endurance: Caesar possesses incredible feats of endurance, capable of enduring powerful attacks from other apes or humans. He manages to survive a non-fatal gunshot wound and a dangerous, massive fall from his home until the next morning where he is found and treated by Malcolm's group.
  • Expert Leader: Caesar is a natural born leader, possessing great feats of charisma. He is capable of earning the respect and loyalty of every ape under his command, including Maurice, Buck, Rocket, Luca, Ash and even Koba. All of them, (with the exception of Koba and Stone) remain loyal to Caesar during the battle of San Francisco. Caesar later displays his leadership skills as he amasses an army of apes and leads them throughout the city, into the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge and to the redwood forest.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Caesar is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He displays his combat skills on three separate occasions. The first occasion, he overpowers several police officers during the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, but doesn't kill them. The second occasion, he severely beats Koba within seconds after he mocks him about his love for humans, but forgives and spares him. The third occasion, Caesar once again fights Koba, but for supremacy, both apes are initially equally matched on the battlefield and make use of nearby debris as melee weapons. However, in the end, Caesar proves to be the superior fighter, defeating Koba and letting him fall to his death.
  • Expert Tactician: Due to his enhanced intelligence, Caesar is an expert tactician. This is proven during the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, he orders his army to stop when he becomes aware of the police blockade. In order to overcome the blockade and ambush the police, he divides his army into three separate groups, ordering the first group to climb the suspension cables, the second group to climb underneath the bridge and leading the third group to charge straight ahead. He later orders the gorillas to use a bus as a shield in order to protect them from the police's gunfire. In the end, Caesar's strategy succeeds, leading the apes to defeat the police and to escape into the redwood forest.
  • Expert Horse Rider: During the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, Caesar becomes the first ape to ever ride a horse and is a very skilled rider despite the fact that he has never rode a horse before in his life. He most likely taught his fellow apes how to ride horses as well.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Inheriting the ALZ-112 from his late mother, Caesar is highly intelligent and excels at everything. As he grows older, Caesar's intelligence further increases, far exceeding that of a human counterpart. His intelligence increased even further due to inhaling the ALZ-113 in the shelter. He is the most evolved ape in the colony besides his sons. Because of his advanced intelligence, he becomes the first ape to ever speak and later passes the gene onto his two sons, Blue Eyes and Cornelius.
  • Sign Language: Growing up alongside humans, Caesar was taught American Sign Language in order to communicate with others. It is his Native language. Along with his best friend, Maurice, Caesar most likely taught his people how to sign as well.
  • Speech: Due to his enhanced intelligence, Caesar has become the first apes in history to speak. In Rise, Caesar was shown to spoke loudly his first word during the fighting against Dodge and whispering to Will's ear that he's is at home in Muir Woods Park. This ability is later passed on to his two sons, Blue Eyes and Cornelius. In Dawn, Caesar can speak English almost completely clearly, but could not form complete sentences at the time. By the events of War, Caesar is now capable of fluently speaking English and can now form complete sentences; something he was previously unable to do.
  • Psychological Warfare: Caesar is capable of using psychological warfare to his advantage. This is proven during the battle of San Francisco when he berates Koba for his treachery, leading an enraged Koba to attack Caesar more ferociously, but still ends with Caesar's victory and Koba's death.



  • "Ape alone, weak. Apes together strong." - Caesar to Maurice (Sign).
  • "Caesar is home." - Caesar before parting ways with Will (Spoken).
  • "Think before you act, son." - Caesar to Blue Eyes (Sign).
  • "Come meet your new brother." - Caesar to Blue Eyes after the birth of his youngest son (Sign).
  • (Maurice) "Another son." (Caesar) "Makes me think how far we've come, Maurice." (Maurice) "Seems long ago. Still think about them?" (Caesar) "Humans? Sometimes." (Maurice) "Didn't know them like you did, only saw their bad side." (Caesar) "Good, bad...Doesn't matter now. Humans destroyed each other." (Maurice) "Apes fight too." (Caesar) "But we are family." - Caesar and Maurice (Sign).
  • "GO!" - Caesar after the rediscovery of humans (Spoken).
  • "If we go to war, we could lose everything we've built. - Caesar during the Ape Council Meeting (Sign).
  • "Home...Family...Future." - Caesar to the Ape Council (Spoken).
  • "APES DO NOT WANT WAR, BUT WILL FIGHT IF WE MUST!" - Caesar to humans (Spoken).
  • "(Points toward the Ape Village) Ape home! (Points toward the city) Human home! Do not come back." - Caesar to Malcolm (Spoken).
  • "Show me." - Caesar after Malcolm asks to show him the generator (Spoken).
  • "I said no guns...Humans leave NOW!" - Caesar reacting angrily to Carver's hidden shotgun (Spoken).
  • "This my home, you should not be here." - Caesar to Malcolm and Ellie (Spoken).
  • (Caesar to Ellie) "You day." (Malcolm) "Might need a little more time." (Caesar, angrily) "ONE DAY!" - Caesar after agreeing to let Ellie help Cornelia (Spoken).
  • "Ape not kill ape." - Caesar after nearly killing Koba in anger (Spoken).
  • "You are my son, I need you to listen." - Caesar to Blue Eyes (Sign).
  • "Trust." (Extends hand) - Caesar offering peace to Malcolm (Spoken).
  • "Ape. Ape...did...this." - Caesar to Malcolm (Spoken).
  • "Your mother," - Caesar asking Blue Eyes about his family's safety (Spoken).
  • "No... Not Human... Koba." - Caesar revealing to Blue Eyes that Koba tried assassinate him (Spoken).
  • (Blue Eyes) "I'm so sorry...for everything." (Caesar) "No...I am to blame." (Blue Eyes) "But Koba betrayed you." (Caesar) "I chose to trust him because he is ape. I always think, ape better than human. I see much like them we are." - Caesar to Blue Eyes (Sign/Spoken).
  • (Blue Eyes) "Fear makes others follow. But when they see you alive, they will turn from Koba." (Caesar) "Not if I am weak...Ape always seek strongest branch." - Caesar to Blue Eyes (Spoken).
  • (Malcolm) "Who was that? On the video." (Caesar) "A good man...Like you." - Caesar telling Malcolm about Will (Spoken).
  • (Koba) "Caesar has no place here, apes follow Koba now."(Caesar) "Follow Koba to war."(Koba) "Apes win war, apes together strong! Caesar...Weak."(Caesar) "Koba...Weaker." - Exchange between Koba and Caesar prior to battle (Spoken).
  • (Caesar) "Trusted Koba, like brother." (Koba) "Caesar brother to humans! Koba fight for ape! Free ape!" (Caesar) "You killed ape, Koba fight for Koba. Koba belong in cage. - Caesar and Koba during battle (Spoken).
  • (Koba) "Ape not kill ape." (Caesar) "You are not ape." - Caesar declaring that Koba is no longer a true ape (Spoken).
  • "LEAVE HIM!" - Caesar ordering the apes to not harm Malcolm (Spoken).
  • "War has already begun. Ape started war, human...human will not forgive. You must go...before fighting begins. I'm sorry...My friend." - Caesar telling Malcolm to escape before the war begins (Spoken).
  • (Malcolm) "I thought we had a chance." (Caesar) "I did too." - Caesar and Malcolm lamenting the lost opportunity for peace (Spoken).


Julius caesar

Julius Caesar

  • Caesar was named by Charles Rodman, who was mumbling quotes from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar on the day Will brought the chimp home.
  • An earlier version of the script notes Bright Eyes' treatment at Gen-Sys Laboratories beginning on "Tuesday, March 10, 2011", with Caesar's birth following six week later (approx. 21 April, 2011). Seven years (according to that script) spent at the Rodman House would place the Ape Rebellion around 2018. Whether this is the correct year or not is unknown. It has been rumored that an August 2016 calendar was put on the set of the kitchen at the Rodman House. The film itself spans eight years, as evidenced by the captions "Three Years Later" and "Five Years Later". See also: What Year Is The Film Set?
  • The early script differs in that Rocket's eyes begin to go green (a sign of intelligence) after having bitten Caesar during their initial confrontation. After Caesar and Rocket together escape the San Bruno Primate Shelter and visit both the Rodman House and the Gen-Sys Laboratories, they use stolen scissors to share their blood with the other apes at the facility and pass on their viral intelligence. Caesar also has a relationship with Cornelia, a female chimp at the facility. The apes go to the Gen-Sys Laboratories and then to the San Francisco Zoo to free the apes Caesar has encountered over the years. At the end, Will takes a bullet intended for Caesar, and dies in his arms.
  • A deleted scene included in the DVD release had Caesar using his hands to push the helicopter off into the water with Jacobs inside. This would be changed to Koba using his feet to do so.
  • Most of Caesar's dialogue is either vocalizations, sign language, and the word "NO". To create Caesar's voice, sound designers Chuck Michael and John Larsen recorded hundreds of chimp sounds at the Chimp Haven sanctuary in Louisiana and mixed them with some of the audio Andy Serkis provided on set. The duo also aged Caesar’s voice from that of an infant to a full-grown chimp.[1]
  • It could be possible that Caesar would be more intelligent due to the fact he has been exposed to the ALZ-113, and his exposure to the ALZ-112 while he was in the embryo. A close-up on Caesar's plotting scene and showed that his eyes were more green than before.
  • According to the Rise timeline, Caesar is seen at 3 years old, then in the year in which the Ape Rebellion takes place, Caesar is 8 and can be classified as a teenager whereas in the events of Dawn, which takes place ten years after the rebellion and virus outbreak, Caesar is 18 meaning he is fully grown and possibly an elder ape. In addition to this, it has since been revealed that War will take place 2 years after Dawn so Caesar will be 20 years old.
  • The quote that Charles says when he picks up Caesar for the first time as a baby could have been prophetic in terms of Caesar growing up and becoming a leader.
  • Caesar's first word, "NO"! serves as a parallel to the story that Cornelius tells in Escape from the Planet of the Apes about the ape known as Aldo uttering the word and being the first ape to speak. It is also parallel to Lisa telling Caesar (Milo) "No" in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.


  • Caesar is a similar character to Taylor in the original films, because of his situation and because the birthmark on his shoulder may be inspired by the burns Taylor got on his shoulder after fighting another human.
  • It can also be seen that this version of Caesar is similar to Roddy McDowall's Caesar in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Battle for the Planet of the Apes as both become leaders of ape colonies, marry and have sons.
  • Similar to Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar was named after the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. Unlike Julius Caesar, he stands for leadership through kindness.
  • The screenwriters believed that apes sexually mature at 8 years old and that Caesar could thus potentially attack Hunsiker at that age. Although chimps can become unpredictable at age 8, they don't become adults until at or past the age of 13.
  • Caesar was actually to be played by three people, Andy Serkis mostly played him from infancy to adulthood, Devyn Dalton played him in some scenes when he was a toddler, and Terry Notary played Caesar in the Golden Gate Bridge battle scene.
  • At Comic Con 2013, Andy Serkis mentioned in an interview that in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Caesar would have a teenage son and wife. It was confirmed by the film's producer Dylan Clark that Caesar's wife will in fact be Cornelia while the son was only mentioned a couple of times by Jason Clarke and by Andy Serkis himself. Actor Nick Thurston announced on his Facebook page that he was playing the role of Caesar's son and that the character's name was River before the name was changed to Blue Eyes during post-production. In a press conference at Comic Con, Andy Serkis mentioned that Caesar will also have an infant child meaning he would have more then one child in the film.
  • It has been suspected that Caesar actually witnessed the deaths of his surrogate parents Will and Caroline.
  • The words Caesar speaks in Rise are: 'NO!' and 'Caesar is Home' which he says clearly while according to the film's DVD subtitles he says "Wait!", "Go Up" and "Get Under" which are incoherent during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. He also seems to say "NOW!" when he emerges out of the fog on the back of a police horse.
  • In the first official still from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, his shooting star birthmark wasn't visible.
  • When Caesar bites Hunsiker while attempting to protect Charles, it's a reference to Andy Serkis' earlier role in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy when Gollum (Andy Serkis) bites Frodo's finger off in their final confrontation.
  • Judy Greer revealed in an interview that Caesar is still grounded in terms of personality because of the presence of his wife.
  • Matt Reeves has said in the recent USA Today sneak peek article that the other apes who value Caesar's leadership see him as their king and as their father.
  • According to a recent article, Caesar is not a big fan of guns.
  • Caesar will share some emotional scenes with both Ellie and Malcolm.
  • Caesar will be in a dilemma in this movie as he has very difficult choices to make regarding his apes and the surviving humans led by Malcolm.
  • There is a difference in the two trailers recently released in the shot of the baby's birth. In the domestic trailer, Caesar isn't wearing war paint but in the international trailer its the same shot only Caesar is wearing war-paint.
  • In the first official featurette for Dawn, there is a never before seen shot where Caesar hugs Koba but the reason is currently unknown. The scene does return in a deleted scene where Caesar thanks Koba for saving his life from the bear and declares to the entire Ape Village in speech, "Apes together strong!"
  • According to an interview Caesar has only one scene with Dreyfus.
  • Andy Serkis has mentioned in an interview that he has based Caesar's relationship with Blue Eyes on the relationship he has with his own teenage son.
  • Andy Serkis stated that he took great inspiration from revolutionary and former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela when he said "Really what Caesar is all about, he is empathy". and "It was really important to base the character on a leader who is capable of empathy and there aren't that many out there, however Nelson Mandela came to mind".
  • As two years have passed since the events of Dawn, it appears (according to the first trailer for War) that Caesar is now capable of forming complete sentences when it comes to speaking. However, it is unknown at the moment as to whether both of his sons and Cornelia can do the same.
  • It can be presumed that Caesar always had a knowledge of proper English grammar given that he was raised by humans, and is able to understand complex sentences, his grammar improves drastically over the course of the films without any form of instruction, the reason why he couldn't speak fluently from the start could possibly be because, he has never actually spoken  for most of his life so he would have no prior practice speaking despite having a theroetical knowledge of the language, and that his vocal cords had not mutated enough to allow him to speak until he was an adult. 
  • It is unknown how Caesar knew green eyes was a sign on intelligence when inspecting the evolved apes in Rise.  
  • Casear has become more human like biologically over the franchise, in rise he was still mostly ape like despite his enhanced intelligence, in Dawn he has a more straight posture when he stands, and walks, and walks upright more, his screams are far more human like than a chimp in Dawn, he fights in a far more human like way, like when he fought koba in the factory, he was shown to punch koba with one fist at a time, and hit him directly with his knuckles. in dawn. It is shown that casear is even more human like than ever before, in the trailer for war  Casear was shown being capable of running on his hind legs. 
  • It is unknown if Casear knew the simian outbreak had anything to due with the ALZ drug that made himself and the apes intelligent. 
  • Casear knows as much about human society as a normal human being raised in a mostly normal setting.
  • It is unknown why Casear only began to realize he was different than humans until he was 8 or 9, or why he was considered a pet. 
  • it can presumed that Casear only became completely sentient when he was 8 or 9, or never really thought of it considering his extremely sheltered upbringing and the fact that Will never completely treated Casear as a fully intelligent sentient being no different from any person to begin with.



  1. Five Films: The Sounds’ The Thing - Film Independent (February 6th, 2012)
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