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Caesar's Ape Colony
Location information
Location San Francisco
Use(s) Colony
Owner Royal Ape Family

Caesar's Ape Colony is a colony of apes led by Caesar during and after the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. In 10 years the colony grew to 2000 apes as ape families began to take shape. During the 10 years that separated the forming of the colony and its continued growth, Caesar himself establishes his own family known as the Royal Ape Family consisting of Cornelia, a female chimpanzee whom he had become close to during his time at the San Bruno Primate Shelter, and two sons named Blue Eyes and Milo, born sometime before the rediscovery of humans in San Francisco. Many of these apes would go on to form Caesar's Council of Apes.


Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Life in a Colony of ApesEdit

The Ape Colony was born in the Muir Woods Park ten years after the famous Ape Rebellion where many of the apes of San Francisco broke out of captivity after having enough of being abused, oppressed, and tortured by humans. The Colony now lives in a village created by the evolved apes and is now filled with many kinds of apes that make up a more organized community where the apes are now more intelligent and freed of the humans' grip. The Ape Colony has now created many activities for themselves such as hunting, teaching sign language and medical teaching as well showing they have come a long way from a pack of wild deranged animals they originally were. Headed by their leader Caesar and his lieutenants Rocket, Koba, Maurice and Luca, the ape colony has been able to enjoy the last decade in peace and harmony now that humans are no longer appearing due to the deadly virus known as Simian Flu that wiped out half of humanity.

Rediscovery of HumansEdit

However, their peace was short lived, as while walking through the woods, Blue Eyes and Ash (the sons of Caesar and Rocket respectively) have recently discovered a human named Carver. Scared, Caever pulled out a revolver and shot Ash, which ended up alerting Caesar and the apes who rushed to the scene before another shot could be fired. The apes surround the human group as Caesar assessed the situation. The human leader Malcolm told the apes they mean them no harm, with that he ordered his group to lower their guns down as a sign of good will. Indifferent about them Caesar, much to the humans' surprise, spoke and told them to leave, his words were joined by his faithful followers who ordered the same thing which cause the humans to flee. As the humans left in their van Caesar had Koba secretly follow them to see where the group came from and if there were more human survivors. Later at night, Koba reported back to Caesar as the other apes. A council was in order, wondering what to do about the humans, some wanted to kill the humans while others were more focused on why the humans invaded their home. Caesar silenced the council, stating they could lose all they've worked hard for the past decade to war. Caesar then adjournd the council, reflecting on the situation and coming to a decision by the next day. 

Apes' ThreatEdit

The next morning the ape army led by Caesar and his lieutenants set out for the San Francisco human colony and come face to face with the remaining humans. It is here where the humans realize that the apes are more intelligent than thought, as Caesar talked to make sure they know they are serious about their demands. He tells the humans that while the apes do not want war they will fight if they must to protect their village to make sure it lives in peace and harmony. He then has his son return the sketchbook of Malcolm's son Alexander and personally warns Malcolm to never come back to his village or there will be a war, with that the ape army leave the city and return to their village.

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Caesar's LawsEdit

After the village was built, Caesar with the help of his newly formed council established laws that the apes must abide by. These laws include;

  • Knowledge is Power:
  • Apes. Together. Strong: A belief that Caesar came up with, during his imprisonment in the San Bruno Primate Shelter, Caesar believes that apes who go up against powerful opponents alone are weak, but apes who go up against powerful opponents together as a team, are strong, however, this belief has not turned into arrogance, as Caesar knows that apes are not unstoppable.
  • Ape Not Kill Ape: It is unknown what the punishment is, for apes who breaks the law; Ape Never Kill Ape. It can be assumed that the punishment is death or exile, as the only two apes to have broken this law are Caesar and Koba. Koba was thrown to his death by Caesar for breaking the law and as revenge for killing Caesar's young nephew, Ash. Caesar only broken this law in self-defence as Koba was trying to kill him.

Known ApesEdit

Ape Status Position/Title


Caesar Alive Alpha Male (King)
Cornelia Alive Alpha Female (Queen)
ASC Apes2 Cornelia FacePaint v6 12 21 12
Blue Eyes Alive Caesar's son (Prince)
River Dawn


Alive Caesar's son (Prince)
Caesar's Infant Son
Rocket Alive Former Alpha Male/Caesar's Deputy
Maurice Alive Caesar's Advisor/Ape Colony Teacher/Overseer of the Ape Colony
Maurice chained
Koba Deceased Caesar's Former Advisor/Caesar's Rival/Traitor
Koba in Ape Village
Buck Deceased Caesar's Protector
Buck 5
Wolfie Deceased Follower of Caesar
Andy Unknown Follower of Caesar
Jeanpierre Unknown Unknown
Lucky Unknown Unknown
Ash Deceased Rocket's Son
Stone Deceased Follower of Koba
Grey Alive Follower of Koba
Luca Alive Caesar's Defender/Colony Guard


  • The gorillas appeared to be the only members of Caesar's colony that aren't as smart as the other apes. Buck, the first gorilla in Caesar's uprising, appeared to have been exposed to the Simian Flu as he had green eyes when Caesar first spoke, but even if he had been, he died during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge. However, half of the chimpanzees and orangutans, who were liberated from the San Francisco Zoo, were not exposed directly to the ALZ-113 virus and had just instinctively followed the other apes but later, like the gorillas, they may have gotten smarter through a viral transmission and from ten years of living with the evolved apes.
  • It is possible that the Ape Colony in San Francisco, is not the only Ape Colony in existence.


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