The Security Minister is the most senior ape to appear on-screen. He is analogous to Zaius, in all his incarnations (movie, TV, cartoon), in that he is the ape with authority over the more aggressive elements of ape society, who struggles to contain those elements. Bippu is, however, more sympathetic to the humans than Zaius - he wants to integrate them into ape society and offers them equality.

Bippu saves the humans, and specifically Gôdo, from execution by Gebâ and successfully faces down an ape rebellion led by Luzar by promising to exterminate the humans, though it appears he has no intention of doing so. He makes a final attempt to reach an agreement with the humans but when they refuse he sends them on their way with his blessing.

In the heavily-edited and English-dubbed version, 'Time of the Apes', he was known simply as 'The Commander'.


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