The relationships of Buck from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.

Friends and AlliesEdit


A free Caesar

Caesar, Buck's best friend and alpha.

Caesar is Buck's best friend.

When Caesar freed him from his cage, though hesitant, he was thankful to be free of his cage prison. Buck is the first ape to acknowledge Caesar as the alpha and helps him overthrow the brutish Rocket. As time goes on, the two apes become close and Caesar chooses Buck to serve as the "muscle" of the ape army during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge as well as becoming his fourth-in-command. When Caesar is being shot at, Buck jumps in, taking the bullets for him before leaping at the helicopter, bringing it crashing down onto the bridge. Caesar quickly ran to his friend and did his best to help him survive but saw that Buck was horribly wounded and on the verge of dying.

With only seconds to live, the gorilla thanked Caesar for his kindness and friendship before slowly passing away in the arms of a true friend. Caesar, gently closed Buck's eyes and laid his fallen friend on the ground before mourning his death. This final act of courage from Buck saddened Caesar when his friend died in front of him, his death was the primary subject of Caesar's vengeance. Caesar now on the verge of revenge, has Koba push the mangled mess of a helicopter with a protesting Jacobs inside down over the bridge to avenge Buck's heroic death.



Rocket, Buck's fellow inmate and comrade.

Rocket is a fellow inmate of Buck's the Primate Sanctuary.

Despite not having a lot of interaction, Buck had an opinion about Rocket; like Maurice, Buck saw Rocket as brutish and as a bully, having seen what he was doing to Caesar. When Caesar lured Rocket out of his cage and into the play area, Rocket suddenly felt afraid as the now freed Buck was likely to beat him up if he didn't step down as alpha.

Later on, in the city they ended up on the streets of San Francisco, Rocket and Buck joined Maurice and Caesar on the top of a cable car that going along the road showing that he was now loyal to Caesar, thanks to Buck.



Maurice, Buck's fellow inmate and comrade.

Maurice is a fellow inmate of Buck's at the Primate Sanctuary.

Though they barely had any interaction it was shown they were able to get along and fight together as comrades. After their freedom was given to them by Caesar, they joined his rebellion and liberated their fellow apes. Maurice met up with Buck on the streets of San Francisco where they were approached by two police cars. Maurice then cooperated with Buck by each throwing a manhole lid and parking meter to disable the oncoming vehicles and both joined Caesar and Rocket on top of a tram.

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