Bosko was an elder leader of a human community. When Nova helped Ulysses to escape from the ruined city where he had recovered one of the human artifacts and confronted Ursus, they went to the home of Bosko to hide. They rested there for a night but the next day Ursus' gorillas launched an attack on the human settlement. After the initial assault, Ulysses returned to Bosko's home and found him injured and dying. Bosko begged Ulysses to find his son Timon and Ulysses rescued the boy from where he had been tied to a post by the gorillas. Returning again, Bosko was able to say goodbye to his son and to give instructions to Ulysses to make his way to the home of Nova's brother Mathias, outside the settlement. After he died, Nova took Timon to be with his mother.



  • Planet of the Apes (video game)

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