Booker Bradshaw (May 21, 1941April 1, 2003) was a film and TV actor, screenwriter, record producer and Motown executive. Bradshaw first demonstrated his singing talents on the Ted Mack Family Hour (1951). Disillusioned with working at his father's Life Insurance company, he studied at Harvard to earn a degree in English, where he met Joan Baez and played at Carnegie Hall, and also honed his acting skills. In the early 1960s he was given a full Scholarship to study at the Royal Academy in London. His television acting appearances included Tarzan, Star Trek (as 'Dr. M'Benga'), The Mod Squad, Insight, Bracken's World (co-starring Linda Harrison), and The F.B.I., alongside films such as Skullduggery, The Strawberry Statement and Coffy.

Bradshaw went on to become an accomplished television writer, at first working in partnership with David P. Lewis between 1973 and 1976. Among the scripts they co-wrote were TV shows such as Planet of the Apes (episode "The Horse Race"), Columbo and Ellery Queen. Bradshaw later wrote for such series as The Richard Pryor Show, Diff'rent Strokes and Mister T, and found work as a voice actor in the 1980s. He died from a heart attack in Los Angeles, California.

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