Bon is an evolved chimpanzee and a former member of Caesar's Ape Colony before he was banished. He was Pope's third-in-command.


Bon is first seen returning to the San Francisco Zoo after leading a scouting mission looking for Fifer after he escaped to warn Caesar. Bon informs Pope that he couldn't find Fifer, but he did find a group of humans. Pope orders him to take a scouting party out tomorrow to count how many humans exactly in preparation to enslave them and later kill Caesar.

In the center of the zoo, Bon listens to Pope give a speech about how they are strong and sees Koba arrived with his own army to stop Pope. Bon joins the rest of Pope's apes in hooting after Pope declares he makes apes strong. After Koba attacks Pope in anger, Bon joins the battle fighting for Pope. Bon later witnesses Koba thrust his spear into Pope's neck, killing him, and Koba declaring Bon and Pope's followers are banished from Caesar's colony while the primal apes serving them will accompany Koba back to the colony.


More to come...



Bon seems completely devoted to Pope and follows each of his orders without question, even if it mean killing his fellow apes.


  • Bon is exclusive to the continuity of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes comic books published by BOOM! Studios.
  • Bon, Pope, and Rex can be seen having white paint of their own design.
  • After the deaths of Pope and Rex, Bon likely led what was left of Pope's followers after Koba banished them.
  • It is unknown if Bon and Pope's followers were killed by the Alpha-Omega forces in their search for Caesar.



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