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Blue Eyes
Blue-Eyes about to speak
Biographical information
Born 2020 or 2021
Occupation Ape Prince
Soldier in the Ape Army
Member of the Ape Council
Species Chimpanzee
Gender Male
Age 5 or 6 (DoftPotA)
7 or 8 (WftPotA)
Status Alive
Family Caesar (father)
Cornelia (mother)
Milo (younger brother)
Alpha (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Bright Eyes (paternal grandmother; deceased)
Will Rodman (adoptive grandfather; deceased)
Caroline Aranha
(adoptive grandmother; deceased)
Charles Rodman (adoptive great-grandfather; deceased)
Continuity Movies (CE)
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Voiced By {{{Voice}}}
First Appearance Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Last Appearance War for the Planet of the Apes
Only Appearance {{{Only}}}

Father. you.
— Blue Eyes speaking for the second time.

Blue Eyes is an evolved chimpanzee, he is the eldest son and crown prince of Ape King Caesar and his Queen, Cornelia, and the older brother of Milo. As Caesar's eldest son, Blue Eyes is the heir to his father's ape colony. Through Caesar, Blue Eyes is the adoptive great-grandson of the late Charles Rodman, the adoptive grandson of the late Will Rodman and the late Caroline Aranha, as well as the biological grandson of late chimpanzees Bright Eyes and Alpha. As Caesar's son, he is a member of the Ape Council as well as a soldier of the Ape Army. Upon the rediscovery of humans, Blue Eyes becomes the ape counterpart of Alexander. During Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Blue Eyes serves as a secondary ape protagonist.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

In the years after the famous Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge and after the establishment of the Ape Village, Blue Eyes was born to Caesar and Cornelia, the king and queen of the Ape Colony. Unlike the other apes born into his generation and many of the elder generation, Blue Eyes was named because of his abnormal eye color. Growing up, he became close to his father's honorary nephew, Ash, the son of Rocket. Blue Eyes would idolized Rocket and Koba for their strength seeing the two as honorary uncles. Over this time, Blue Eyes becomes extremely close to Koba who teaches him along with his other honorary uncle Maurice.

For most of his childhood, he was the treasured heir, being Caesar's only child which changed in Blue Eyes' adolescent years when his parents were about to have a second child. As Caesar's eldest son, Blue Eyes inherited a lot of his father's personality traits and some of his mother's which include stubbornness, rebelliousness and defiance which become two of Blue Eyes' most identifiable traits.

Early in his adolescent years, Caesar assigns Blue Eyes to be a member of not only his army but his council, both skills that Blue Eyes would later need when he eventually succeeds his father as king. Also, Blue Eyes, like many of the other young apes, learns to wield weapons as a way of defending himself if the need ever arose.

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Elk Hunt and Bear AttackEdit

Blue Eyes first appears with his father in the forest standing on a tree branch during an elk hunt. He asks his father if they should attack the deer now only for him to be silenced by Caesar who then order the apes to attack. When Caesar manages to ensnare an elk, he tells his son to stay put and quiet but is ignored. Blue Eyes wanders off to kill the seemingly trapped deer, only to be attacked by a bear, resulting in the elk escaping and Blue Eyes receiving scars. Caesar intervened, keeping the bear at bay until Koba heard Caesar's cry and ran towards the bear, stabbing it in the back, killing the bear which falls onto Caesar. When Caesar is freed, he goes to tell his son to think before he acts and tries to check out Blue Eyes' injuries, but the young ape stubbornly brushes off his father's concern and goes to his horse.

A New SiblingEdit

As they return to their village, Koba comforts the prince by telling Blue Eyes to be proud of his new scars as they show he is strong and durable. When his father is summoned by Cornelia's midwives, Blue Eyes reluctantly follows and stands awkwardly in the doorway before his father summons him over to meet his little brother Milo for the first time. Blue Eyes is shown to be nervous about the situation, but bonds with his new brother anyway, happy to be an older sibling to a new ape.

Encounter with HumansEdit

Later, Blue Eyes is out by the lake fishing with his best friend and honorary cousin, Ash. Ash begins to tease him about the bear incident and playfully shoves him which results in Blue Eyes taking the comments in stride and playfully shoving him back. On the way back to the village, the teenagers stumble across a human named Carver who suddenly becomes frightened and shoots Ash in the shoulder. Blue Eyes stays to protect him until their fathers and the other apes appear. The humans would then be scared off by the adult apes shouting (in English) at them to leave the forest. Back in the village, Blue Eyes sits with his father and his uncles in a council meeting. The apes argue over what is to be done about the humans and what they must do to avenge Ash's shooting. Blue Eyes agrees with Koba that something has to be done to show the humans they mean business. Ash, being present tells them that the humans didn't mean to shoot him and that it was an accident. Blue Eyes argues with him saying that the humans need to be taught a lesson. Caesar would tell his son that he plans on telling the humans a loud message that they'll understand clearly. The next morning, Caesar leads the army into San Francisco to issue the threat of war to the humans, Blue Eyes rides with him, carrying Alexander's lost bag. On Caesar's orders, he dismounts from his horse and throws the bag at Malcolm's feet as his father tells the human not to come back to the forest. The ape army would then leave for the forest after giving their warning to the humans.

Humans in Ape TerritoryEdit

Later on, the human Malcolm would enter the Ape Village leading to him being captured by Luca and the other Gorilla Guardians who would drag him through the village and bring him for Caesar to pass his judgment. Blue Eyes would growl at the human for disobeying his father's warning but is forced to watch as his father spares the human and allows him and his group to work on the city dam. Blue Eyes would speak with his father about his decision saying that he agrees with Koba about humans being evil and how they should finish them off. Caesar attempts to explain to his son that not all humans are bad but Blue Eyes refuses to listen and stalks off much to Caesar's utter annoyance. When Caesar agrees to help Malcolm and his family, Blue Eyes accompanies him and his uncles, Maurice and Rocket and carries his little brother, Milo. When Milo climbs out of his arms and off the horse, Blue Eyes hurries after him and stops and watches nervously as the little one interacts with Ellie and Alexander before he wanders over to a supply box, revealing a hidden gun. Blue Eyes leaps into action and rescues his little brother from Carver who threatens to kill him as well only to be punched by Caesar who threatens the humans with the exposed weapon before throwing it over the dam wall and ordering them to leave.

Koba's UsurpationEdit

Blue Eyes is present when Malcolm and Ellie enter the family home to apologize for Carver's behavior. He watches as the humans plead with Caesar to help Cornelia, who is very sick. He tries to dissuade his father for continuing to allow humans in their territory only to be ignored when his father says the apes will help the humans, Blue Eyes firmly states that he will not help the humans. He remains in the village sharpening spears with the younger apes until Koba returned to tell Caesar that the humans are more dangerous than he thought. The bonobo then asked Blue Eyes where his father is. Blue Eyes told Koba he is at the dam with the humans. Blue Eyes then accompanies Koba, Grey and Stone to the dam where he watches Koba angrily confronts Caesar stating that humans had attacked his sons and yet he still lets them work. Koba goes on ranting that Caesar loves humans more than apes and his sons, which caused Caesar to lash out and attack Koba. Blue Eyes watching this unsure of who to help until his father stopped himself from beating Koba stating "Ape not kill ape" law. Koba begged Caesar to forgive him and leave the dam afterwards. Blue Eyes glared at his father.

At night, in the Ape Village Blue Eyes is seen eating until his father tries to speak with him about humans but Blue Eyes to caught up in what with Koba has told him stalks off much to Caesar's dismay. The teen then goes to sit by a sulking Koba who tells him to protect his father as he believes his (Caesar) love for humans has clouded his judgment to the point of where he won't listen to reason to which Blue Eyes agrees. Later on, the apes and humans celebrate the restoration of power of San Francisco in the Ape Village. Blue Eyes is shown bemoaning the events remembering the fight his father had with Koba but his spirits are lifted when he sees his sick mother emerge from their home. Blue Eyes runs and embraces Cornelia happy that she is now okay and able to walk. His happiness was to be cut short when the sound of a gunshot, a from hidden Koba who used a gun acquired from the city, and he saw his father fall from their home. The Ape Village was then set ablaze, by Grey secretly, forcing the apes to flee for dear lives.Blue Eyes then appears with Carver's baseball cap and gun, showing it to the colony. Koba, appearing out of nowhere is given the items the bonobo while assuming leadership states that the humans assassinated their king and burned the village. He then commands the apes to fight back and attack the humans while they still have the chance. Koba approaches the sadden Blue Eyes, telling him that they will avenge his father, believing his father to truly be dead decides to join in the assault of attacking the San Francisco shelter.

Human-Ape WarEdit

The ape army would attack the city's armory and would steal all the weapons before moving to launch a full assault on the shelter. Once they reached the gate, they are confronted by the human militia guarding the wall. A huge battle breaks out resulting the in the deaths of many apes and humans as well causing chaos to the already damaged city in the process. Koba would then steal a tank which allowed the apes to enter the city and chase or terrorize defenseless humans. As he enters the city with his people, Blue Eyes (while holding Ash back) saw the utter horror and madness that his father would not condone. The next day, the apes took over most of the city and forced many humans to run in a building for safety. As the apes group up, Blue Eyes and Ash, headed up the stairs as one human swung a lamp post at an ape while Koba approached from behind and disarmed the human. Koba then tossed the post to Ash, ordering him to kill the defenseless human. Ash declines, stating Caesar would not want this, and threw the post on the floor. Koba walked up to Ash, patting him on the back, only to suddenly grab the young chimpanzee and dragged him up the stairs. Blue Eyes and the other apes followed Koba, worried about what Koba was planning to do. Koba reached a balcony and threw Ash to his death, horrifying Blue Eyes and the other apes. Koba tells the apes that Caesar is gone and he leads the apes now. After witnessing the death of his best friend and cousin, Blue Eyes now begins to see Koba's true colors. Afterwards, the apes took full control of the city and Koba imprisoned all the remaining humans in cages so they would know what life was in cage. Koba also imprisoned all the apes still loyal to Caesar, these apes include Maurice, Rocket, Luca and many others. Seeing them chained in a bus, Blue Eyes is beyond horrified at this action, asking Maurice why they were chained. Maurice told Blue Eyes that Koba views them as too loyal to Caesar, meaning they will never give in to Koba's tyranny. He is then is told by his uncle to watch out for himself and stay safe.

Reunion with FatherEdit

Blue Eyes then went on patrol looking around the city for any free humans. As he does, he encounters Malcolm in an abandoned apartment room pointing his gun at the human who pleas for him to not do it, but remembering the death of his friend and the madness Koba started Blue Eyes decides to lower it, sparing the human. The young ape then turns to leave but Malcolm quickly stops him by telling him his father is alive. Shocked, Blue Eyes travels with Malcolm to the Rodman House where he spots his wounded but still living father laying on the couch. The prince puts down his gun and quickly goes to tend to his father as Caesar asks if Cornelia and Milo were safe, Blue Eyes confirmed their safety relieving his father. He then sees Caesar's gun shot wound and thinking the humans are responsible immediately snarls at them. Only for Caesar to tell Blue Eyes it was not the humans who shot him but Koba, leaving Blue Eyes shocked and ashamed at himself for following the treacherous ape's reign. When Ellie prepares to operate on Caesar, Blue Eyes holds his father's hand the whole time during the surgery and stays with him as he recovers.

Discovering his father's Past & Apologizing Edit

As his father rests from surgery, Blue Eyes examines a portrait of Caesar when he was young and Will Rodman together which made him realize that his father was raised by humans hence the reason for his compassion and sympathy toward them. He is soon startled by his father, who suddenly wakes up and grunts in pain from the sewn up wound. Blue Eyes apologizes for his actions and behavior in the past days, but Caesar states the fault is his alone. Blue Eyes became confused, stating that Koba betrayed him. Caesar replied that it was his choice to trust Koba due to his previous views apes being better than humans, but after witnessing Koba's betrayal he now sees that apes and humans are exactly alike and asks for Koba's current location. Blue Eyes signed that Koba resides in the human survivors' tower with all the apes that have pledge their loyalty to him. Caesar then asks about the apes who refuse to follow Koba, to which Blue Eyes replied that they have become prisoners, he states among them were Maurice and Rocket. Blue Eyes also said Koba killed Ash, saying the apes only follow out of fear. Blue Eyes tries to reassure his father by stating that once the apes see Caesar alive they will turn from Koba, but Caesar said not if he's weak. Despite his injury, Caesar tries to rise, saying he must do something to stop Koba, or he will endanger the entire ape race. Blue Eyes stopped him, speaking clearly for the first time. Caesar became proud of seeing Blue Eyes finally learning.

Helping his FatherEdit

After making the plan to free Koba's prisoners, both apes and humans, Blue Eyes returned to the city heading for the bus containing Caesar's loyalists, drawing Caesar's symbol to renew their strength then told them of the plan. Caesar's loyalists executed the plan at night, freeing themselves and the humans. Blue Eyes then led them back to Caesar, telling him Koba calls for the female and young apes to come to the city, Cornelia included. Startled by this revelation, Caesar decides to confront Koba. Blue Eyes silently watched as his father and former uncle do battle for power and knowing it's for the best he stays on the sidelines as the fierce duel continues. When Koba opened fire on the apes to kill Caesar, Blue Eyes moves many of the injured to safety before throwing a series of pipes at Koba who angrily fires at him leading to one of his stray bullets hitting and scarring Maurice. Blue Eyes would then tend to his wounded uncle and worry about his life. Afterwards, Blue Eyes witnessed his father throwing Koba to his death.

Preparing For WarEdit

As Caesar takes back his place as Ape King, Blue Eyes embraces his parents and little brother as the other apes bow down to Caesar awaiting his guidance for the impending war with humans to come.

War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

More to come...


Dawn of the Planet of the ApesEdit

Blue Eyes is a misguided young chimpanzee who struggles to determine good from bad. Known to be stubborn and rebellious, traits he developed from both his parents, Blue Eyes is also kind and protective over those he loves, especially his family and those closest to him, examples being his cousin Ash and his uncles Maurice and Rocket.

As the son of the Ape King, Blue Eyes is a capable leader, tactician and fighter, but tends to take his warriorness a step too far as seen with he attempted to attack an incapacitated deer which led to him receiving scars from a nearby bear and his confrontation with Carver when the human goes to hurt his little brother Milo; however, it should be noted if Blue Eyes had not stepped in when he did, Carver would have hurt or killed Milo. His recklessness and rebelliousness is counter balanced by his father with whom he Initially, had a rocky relationship to begin with. His love for his little brother and his mother is strong as seen when he shields them after his father has been shot and his playfulness with his honorary cousin Ash is also very strong.

Like his father, Caesar, Blue Eyes is only violent and aggressive towards anyone who is a threat to the people he cares about, he also has a vengeful side, after his father was seemingly believed to be killed by Carver, he wanted to avenge his father's apparent death, only on the humans who were (supposedly) responsible for his father's death.

Blue Eyes used to be a bit naive, as he used to believe Koba's lies about all humans being bad, this changed after he met Malcolm, Ellie and Alexander, and became friends with them. He would then see that everything Koba had told him about all humans being bad, are nothing but lies after finding out that his father was raised by humans who he would see as his grandparents.

War for the Planet of the ApesEdit

More to come...


  • Animal Strength: Like all chimpanzees Blue Eyes is very powerful and strong.
  • Animal Speed: Like all chimpanzees, Blue Eyes is very fast; as he is fast enough to dodge bullets.
  • Animal Reflexes: Like all chimpanzees, Blue Eyes has good reflexes.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: As the son of an evolved ape and an altered ape, Blue Eyes has a high level of intelligence; because his parents inhaled the ALZ-113 early in their life, Blue Eyes has a higher level of intelligence than both of his parents combined.
  • Speech: As the son of an evolved chimpanzee and an altered chimpanzee, Blue Eyes was born with the ability of speech, while his father (and presumably his mother) learned to speak later in life. Unlike his father, Caesar, Blue Eyes cannot speak English, almost completely clearly or form complete sentences just yet.
  • Sign Language: Like his fellow apes, Blue Eyes knows American Sign Language. He uses it as a way of communication, to talk to other apes who cannot or have limited ability of verbal speech. He was either taught by his father Caesar, or his honorary uncle Maurice.
  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Due to him being a member of his father's Ape Army, Blue Eyes is a capable fighter. He is likely to have been taught by Caesar, Rocket or Koba.
  • Skilled Marksman: Despite the fact that he has never used a gun in his life, Blue Eyes is very proficient in the use of firearms.
  • Skilled Leader: As the son of the Ape King, Blue Eyes is a capable leader, as seen when he leads Maurice, Rocket, Luca and the other rebel apes back to the Rodman House.
  • Skilled Tactician: As the son of the Ape King, Blue Eyes is a capable tactician, as he came up with a plan to free Maurice, Rocket, Luca, the other rebel apes and the human prisoners from Koba, when Blue Eyes initiated his plan, it was successful.




Caesar with Apes

Caesar, Blue Eyes' father.

Caesar is Blue Eyes' father.

Being Caesar's son comes with ultimate consequences as Blue Eyes tends to defy his father more than he obeys him but this doesn't stop him from loving him dearly. When Blue Eyes becomes injured by a bear during a deer hunt, Caesar attempts to check him over but the teenager stubbornly brushes off his concern and walks away. When his mother, Cornelia gives birth, Caesar happily summons him over to meet his little brother for the first time. Later, Caesar attempts to talk to him about the humans but Blue Eyes, too caught up in believing everything Koba has told him, stalks off to his father's dismay. During the confrontation with Carver at the dam, Caesar shields him and Milo from harm. When Koba attempts to murder Caesar, Blue Eyes is utterly devastated and wants to help "avenge" his father's "death" whom he believes (like everyone else) to have been killed by Carver.

Later, when Malcolm takes him back to the rundown Rodman House, Blue Eyes is shocked and overjoyed to be reunited with his father and when asked about the safety of Cornelia and Milo and Blue Eyes tells him that they're safe for the moment. Blue Eyes noticed his father's wound and looked ready to attack the innocent humans only for Caesar to tell him that Koba was behind his shooting, not Carver. Blue Eyes then stays by his father's side during the surgery the kind humans have put on him. While his father rests from surgery, Blue Eyes looks at the portrait of a young Caesar and Will Rodman on the mantelpiece and realizes that his father was raised by humans hence the reason for his compassion and sympathy towards them.

He is startled when Caesar wakes up and would apologize for everything he has done only for Caesar tell him that everything that has happened is his (Caesar's) fault due to his naivety. Blue Eyes then tells Caesar the state of their colony tearfully stating that Koba killed Ash and imprisoned any ape loyal to Caesar. Caesar, devastated over his nephew's death and what has transpired in his absence states he is going after Koba causing Blue Eyes to reveal his wish to join him only to be rejected but the young ape persists by begging (in broken English) to help his father resulting in his father to proudly look upon his son.

With his father's approval, the young prince rescuing Maurice, Rocket and any other ape who had been imprisoned by Koba. After returning with the rebel apes, Blue Eyes reports to his father that Koba is now is planning on moving the females and young hiding out in the forest to the city. Caesar, realizing that Cornelia and the baby are now in danger, decides to immediately head to the tower with his son and ape loyalists to stop Koba. Blue Eyes watches with great concern as his father fights Koba. After the fight, Blue Eyes joins Caesar as they reunite with a relieved Cornelia and Milo.

It can be assumed that Blue Eyes' relationship with his father is no longer as strained as it used to be; since discovering that Koba was a monster, and that Caesar was raised by humans.


Apes fb share cornelia notext

Cornelia, Blue Eyes' mother.

Cornelia is Blue Eyes' mother.

Blue Eyes loves his mother dearly and is very protective over her. When she gives birth to baby Milo, Blue Eyes is summoned by his father to join them as they privately celebrate the birth. When Cornelia is very sick, Blue Eyes sits at her side watching over her with his father and little brother.

After the power has been restored to the city, Blue Eyes joins the celebrations with his father and is surprised when his mother emerges with his younger brother, full of health. He embraces her, happy that she is well but the moment comes to a devastating halt when Caesar is shot by Koba. Blue Eyes holds his mother as she cries over their beloved father and husband's apparent death.

When Caesar later asks about Cornelia's fate, Blue Eyes tells him that she's safe for the time being. After his reunion with Caesar after returning to the Rodman House with the rebels, Blue Eyes tells his father about Koba going after the females and young, Caesar tells him that they have to act before Koba can get to them if they want to ensure Cornelia's safety. After Koba's defeat, Blue Eyes is reunited with Cornelia and embraces her tightly.


Infant wanders

Milo, Blue Eyes' younger.

Milo is Blue Eyes' younger brother.

When Caesar is called by Cornelia's midwives, Blue Eyes follows him home and stands in the doorway as Caesar meets the baby for the first time. Seeing Blue Eyes standing in the doorway, he summons him over to meet his newborn brother. Blue Eyes wanders over and bonds with his little brother and their parents. Sometime later, Milo, now a few days old, rides with Blue Eyes as they, their father and uncles Maurice and Rocket meet up with Malcolm.

Milo, curious about their new friends pulls himself free from Blue Eyes' grasp and wanders over to Ellie and Alexander, appearing at Ellie's shoulder as she checks Carver over for a suspected broken leg. Blue Eyes, having followed him, watches nervously as he investigates the other humans before wandering over a box of supplies, uncovering a concealed weapon. Seeing his brother in danger, Blue Eyes jumps into the frey, attempting to make a grab for Milo while Carver, whom he has pushed over in the struggle, is down showing just how protective he is of his brother.

Later, when the apes and Malcolm's family celebrate the restoration of the power to the city, Blue Eyes is surprised to see his mother well and carrying Milo. The trio embrace. Blue Eyes shields his mother and brother when Caesar is shot by an unseen Koba. As Caesar recovers, he asks Blue Eyes about the safety of Cornelia and Milo, Blue Eyes tells him they're safe for the time being. Two days later, Blue Eyes returns to the Rodman House and informs his father that Koba has sent for the females and young. Caesar, sensing his wife and youngest son are now in trouble, orders Blue Eyes, Maurice, Luca, Rocket and the other loyalists to help him stop Koba before he can make his move against the females and young. After Koba's defeat, Blue Eyes and Caesar are reunited with Cornelia and Milo.

Will RodmanEdit

Will is Blue Eyes' adoptive human grandfather.

When Caesar is taken to the Rodman House by Malcolm and his family for treatment after he is shot, Blue Eyes is later found in Malcolm's old apartment by Malcolm who takes him back to the house to find his father. Upon reuniting with his father and letting him rest from surgery, Blue Eyes examines an old portrait of his father as a young ape with a human man.

Blue Eyes then realizes that his father was raised by humans which was why he was kind and sympathetic towards Malcolm and his family. He slowly begins to think of Will as his grandfather for raising his father, despite never having known him.

Friends and AlliesEdit



Ash, Blue Eyes' best friend and honorary cousin.

Ash was Blue Eyes' best friend and honorary cousin.

Having grown up with Ash, Blue Eyes considers him his cousin and best friend. Like Ash, Blue Eyes loves to tease him and is seen to be very protective over him. When the teenagers stumble across Carver, Blue Eyes steps in front of him and growls at Carver.

When Ash is shot, Blue Eyes guards him until Rocket shows up. Later, Blue Eyes argues with Ash during a session of council about what is to be done about the humans who shot him. When Koba decides to "avenge" Caesar's apparent death, Ash accompanies Blue Eyes and remains at his side. Later, when Ash refuses to kill a human, Blue Eyes watches in horror as Ash is thrown over a balcony to his death by Koba. Witnessing the death of his best friend would cause Blue Eyes to turn against Koba, after realizing that Caesar was right to be wary about Koba and not to trust him.



Rocket, Blue Eyes' honorary uncle.

Rocket is Blue Eyes' honorary uncle.

Having grown up with Ash, Rocket knows Blue Eyes well and serves as an uncle towards the young prince. This love is well reciprocated on Blue Eyes' side as he always admired and respected Rocket for his strength and skills. The pair are very close and both openly concerned when Cornelia, Blue Eyes' mother becomes sick. When Koba has Maurice and Rocket locked up in cages for their disloyalty to him, Blue Eyes expressed concern for their suffering on and begins to drift from Koba's side. He later frees them by sneaking into the city and ripping the cage door off its hinges, taking them back to the secretly alive and well Caesar.


Maurice. Rocket's close friend

Maurice, Blue Eyes' honorary uncle and mentor.

Maurice is Blue Eyes' honorary uncle and mentor.

Being an old friend of Blue Eyes' parents Caesar and Cornelia, Maurice has watched Blue Eyes grow up and taught him along with other apes his age. He loves Blue Eyes like a son and is seen to be openly concerned for his welfare as seen when Blue Eyes finds him and Rocket locked up for defying Koba. Maurice tells Blue Eyes to look after himself and to be careful. When Caesar orders Blue Eyes to free any apes who have refused to follow Koba, Maurice is one of the first apes to be freed when Blue Eyes pulls the metal bars off one of the windows of their prison. Blue Eyes then takes Maurice and the other rebel apes back to Caesar at the Rodman House before they head off to confront Koba. Maurice are together then Caesar fights Koba. When Maurice is injured when Koba opens fire on Caesar and the other apes during the fight, Blue Eyes, horrified, tends to him.


Blue-Eyes with Rocket, Stoned & Maurice

Luca, Blue Eyes' good friend.

Luca is Blue Eyes' good friend.

Blue Eyes and Luca do not have much interaction but they are likely good friends due to Luca serving a high rank in the Ape Army and as a member of the Ape Council. Blue Eyes and Luca join the other apes in attacking the human settlement where Blue Eyes would aid Luca in carrying several wounded apes to safety, before watching Koba ride past them in a frenzy with disbelief at his enjoyment of the battle and destruction. When Luca and all those loyal to Caesar are imprisoned on a bus by Koba, Blue Eyes does his best to free them and once he has, the prince brings them with him back to their rightful leader, Caesar.


Alexander heistates to give his book to Maurice

Alexander, Blue Eyes' new human friend and human counterpart.

Alexander is Blue Eyes' new human friend and human counterpart.

They don't have any direct interaction but they do appear a few times together. The most recognizable moment is when Blue Eyes' little brother climbs out of his arms and over to Alexander and his step-mother, Ellie. Blue Eyes becomes nervous but sees that his brother is under no direct threat from Alexander or Ellie and approaches them both with caution. Also, Alexander is seen to attempt to stop Blue Eyes from hurting Carver who is about to hurt the baby.


Malcolm asks about Will

Malcolm, Blue Eyes' new human friend and the counterpart of his father, Caesar.

Malcolm is Blue Eyes' new human friend.

At first, Blue Eyes doesn't like Malcolm due to his strong influenced beliefs by Koba that humans are bad. Over time, Blue Eyes begins to see that Koba's beliefs are completely wrong and begins to bond with Malcolm. Their first interaction is in the woods where a member of Malcolm's group shot ash and in the city where Blue Eyes angrily tosses Alexander's lost satchel at Malcolm's feet.

At the ape village, when Malcolm breaks Caesar's order to not cross the apes' territory and is taken to Caesar for judgement. Blue Eyes snarls at the human for defying his father. Later, Blue Eyes watches Malcolm and his wife Ellie plead with Caesar to allow Ellie to help Cornelia who happens to be Blue Eyes' mother.




Carver, Blue Eyes' human enemy and a human that he hates; for good reason.

Carver was Blue Eyes' human enemy.

Blue Eyes had at least two interactions with Carver, and both were unpleasant experiences; the young chimpanzee was present in the forest when Carver runs into him and his cousin Ash and shoots Ash in the shoulder, for no apparent reason. The second time was at the dam when Caesar arrives with his sons, Blue Eyes, and Milo, and his friends Maurice and Rocket. After seeing Blue Eyes' little brother in his box of supplies and uncovering his concealed weapon, Carver attempts to harm Milo one in which Blue Eyes witnesses and attacks him.

When his father, Caesar had apparently been killed, Blue Eyes believe Carver had done it, however, when Malcolm takes him back to the rundown Rodman House, to see his father, the latter revealed to Blue Eyes that it was not Carver but Koba who had done it; it is unknown if Blue Eyes is aware that Carver is dead.


Koba in Ape Village

Koba, Blue Eyes' honorary uncle and mentor turned enemy.

Koba was Blue Eyes' honorary uncle and mentor turned enemy.

From a very young age, Blue Eyes has looked up to Koba and he took it in his stride to turn the young prince's beliefs against Caesar. By the time Blue Eyes became old enough to have his own opinion, Koba had influenced him enough that Blue Eyes' beliefs had driven a wedge between him and his father. After the hunting trip that saw Blue Eyes scarred by a bear, Koba told Blue Eyes not to feel bad about his scars and that they were a sign of strength. After Ash is shot by Carver in the forest, Blue Eyes agrees with Koba that something has to be done to avenge Ash's shooting. After Blue Eyes has a disagreement with Caesar, Koba comforts him.

When Caesar is helping Malcolm with the dam, Koba approaches Blue Eyes who is sharpening his spear and demands to know where Caesar is. Blue Eyes tells him his father is with the humans and follows him to Caesar. Blue Eyes watches conflicted as Koba fights his father. After Caesar is shot by Koba and the humans are blamed, Blue Eyes, more than willing to avenge his father, accompanies Koba with Ash in tow into the city. After witnessing Koba throw Ash to his death, Blue Eyes slowly turns from Koba.

Later on, Blue Eyes completely turns against Koba after learning of his father's survival and Koba's treachery which causes him to feel shame for ever worshipping Koba. Blue Eyes then releases all the apes Koba imprisoned and has them join his father in overthrowing Koba. During Caesar and Koba's battle, when Koba opened fire on the other apes in an attempt to kill Caesar; Blue Eyes threw a series of pipes at the bonobo who angered at his former nephew's deed fired a round of bullets at him without hesitation.

Blue Eyes would pay witness to Koba's death and mourn his passing as he had previously been like an uncle to him however, Blue Eyes could not forgive Koba for all the destruction and death his war campaign had begun.


  • It is unknown if Blue Eyes had ever seen a human before first meeting the evil ape hater Carver in the woods. 
  • Blue Eyes may speak more in War.
  • Blue Eyes would be the same age Casear was in Rise during War
  • Blue Eyes is the only ape in the entire ape colony to have blue colored eyes. 
  • Blue Eyes' name is never spoken out loud in Dawn.


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