Chapters 4-6


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  • Phis



Marcus, the human, is being interrogated by apes. They are bewildered by his ability to speak and ask him where he learned to speak and what he was doing in the armory. Tonus leaves the interrogation after hearing what he already knew upon which he sees Valia outside with the other human rights activists. They quarrel once again.

A little later at the human colony, Myndith is trying to find out who sent Marcus into Phis, because he wouldn’t do something like that on his own. Richard turns the conversation to the fact that the Taylorites indeed need weapons to defend themselves.

Later that evening, a group of Taylorite men overpower two ape guards guarding Marcus. During the fight Richard shoots and kills one of the ape guards with a gun. The next morning the city of Phis is a buzz and some of the apes blame the human rights activists for killing the ape guard. Tonus sets out to exterminate the humans.

In the middle of a field, R.E. is bringing Valia and Luther some supplies. As Valia sends Luther to get more men to carry more supplies, Argo the Mandrill is discovered. He gives a warning of a group of halfbreeds ape and man have just defeated an army of apes and they shouldn’t venture much more north.

After R.E. and Argo depart, Valia is alone in the field. From a distance, the Butcher is watching Valia with her supplies. He decides to attack her while she is alone. He rides up along her and knocks her to the ground, grabs a club, ready to kill Valia. The issue ends with a to be continued.



  • Argo DiVincenzo a mandrill from Urchak's Folly makes an appearance in a field outside of Phis

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