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Cast of Characters:

  • Grolar
  • Luther


  • Phis
    • Gracela Tavern,


  • Encylopedia Britannica Primate to Reality


Tonus is pursuing a chimp that traveling through a wilderness with a book and a gun both made by man. In the pursuit Tonus kills the chimp, his justification is that if man was to rule once again "the blood of the apes [would] flow [like a river]". He believes what he does is minimal compared to the alternative. Tonus then hauls the body of the chimp back to Phis as he thinks of one day stretching out and traveling out west. Once in Phis, Tonus, the Butcher is scalded by Colonel Noorev about Ape Shall Never Kill Ape, to which the Butcher replies that the weapons that man is using is coming from apes and that he has been assigned to stop the smuggling.

Beyond the river Mizziphee near the city of Phis, is a human colony that is inhabited by Taylorites. They were expecting goods from the chimpanzee that Tonus killed.

Tonus collects his reward from Colonel Noorev and goes to Gracela Tavern and as he drinks he thinks of his lost love Deetra that was killed by a human. Eventually Tonus staggers out of the tavern and knocks over Valia and immediately mistakes her for his beloved Deetra. Valia pushes Tonus off of her and makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him. As they are fighting verbally an alarm goes off indicating that the armory has been broken into.

The Butcher arrives with other soldiers and discovers that there is a human in the armory. The human speaks which confounds the apes.


  • One of the most sacred Ape laws set forth by the Lawgiver, Ape Shall Never Kill Ape, is broken.
  • "Let me go, you damn dirty apes!" is the first words said by the human in the armory, which mirror Taylor's words in the film Planet of the Apes.


  • Phis is built out of the remains of a pre-existing human city, most likely Memphis, Tennessee

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