Before the Dawn is a web comic that was released as part of the early marketing campaign for the upcoming film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. A physical copy of the comic was released exclusively at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. The comic was a part of the few bits of promotion shown at Comic Con as the film was still in the principle photography stage of production at the time the comic was released online.


The Comic is a brief retelling of what occurred after the conclusion of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and before the beginning of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The story, though only brief, shows the struggle that the human population endures because of the Simian Flu and some of Caesar's conflicts that may pop up in Dawn such as fears coming back from his past, and fears for the incoming future. It also hints at a possible power struggle between Caesar and the scheming Koba who was likely the main contributor to the downfall of humanity via the formerly known ALZ-113 virus (now the Simian Flu). The comic gives fans the first look at Ellie, the new wife of Malcolm and Alexander, Malcolm's son and possibly the infant child of Caesar and/or Blue Eyes, the teenage son of Caesar and his wife Cornelia.

Cast of CharactersEdit

  • Caesar, leader of the apes and king of the ape colony, the husband of Cornelia and the father of Blue Eyes and Cornelius.
  • Koba, Caesar's friend and advisor and later enemy.
  • Alexander, the son of Dawn's human protagonist, Malcolm and the human counterpart of Blue Eyes.
  • Ellie, Malcolm's new wife, the step-mother of his son and the human counterpart of Cornelia.
  • Malcolm, Dawn's human protagonist, the father of a teenage son, named Alexander and Caesar's human counterpart.

Possible AppearancesEdit

  • Cornelia, Caesar's wife, queen of the ape colony and Blue Eyes and Cornelius' mother.
  • Cornelius, the youngest son of Caesar and Cornelia and the younger brother of Blue Eyes.
  • Blue Eyes, Caesar and Cornelia's teenage son, the prince of the ape colony, and the older brother of Cornelius.

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Before the Dawn

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