Be-One; illustration by Mike Ploog

Be-One was an enlarged, disembodied mutant brain. A telepathic creature, Be-One functioned in tandem with four other similar entities, all of whom were networked into a central device, which comprised the Supreme Gestalt Commander (or Gestalt Mind). Although Be-One coordinated with the other four brains within its network, it was clearly the dominating intelligence of the composite entity, governing all decisions.

Be-One commanded a society of subterranean mutants known as the Inheritors. The Inheritors were primarily the mindless Mutant Drones, but physically they functioned independently of the Gestalt Commander. Be-One held the belief that only mutants were deserving of life, and sought to exterminate all non-mutant life, both human and ape. It was the belief of the Supreme Gestalt Commander that by denying life to others, they were actually protecting them from the physical torments of existence.


  • The concept of the Supreme Gestalt Commander and its collective brain organisms was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Mike Ploog.
  • As a disembodied brain, Be-One is a sexually ambiguous creature. It is unknown whether its personality and biological make-up are intended to represent a man or a woman.
  • Given the phonetically spelt letter names of the Inheritors' Mutant Drones, it's possible that 'Be-One' was a variation of 'B-1' (perhaps for Brain 1?).


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