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Biographical information
Species Orangutan
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Continuity Television series
Actor Jay Robinson
First Appearance Tomorrow's Tide
Last Appearance Tomorrow's Tide

An orangutan supervisor of several West Coast fish-producing communities, including one run by Prefect Hurton, Bandor presided over the banding of new human fisherman in the Ceremony of the Bracelets. Highly connected, he personally knew Urko, Central City's security chief.

Frequently raising Hurton's productivity quotas unreasonably, Bandor planned to replace him with his own nephew. When Hurton captured Alan Virdon and Peter Burke to work in his labor camp, Galen claimed they were his property, but Bandor upheld Hurton's claim, forcing the fugitives to trick the two administrators in order to escape.


Jay Robinson being made up as Bandor. (Photo from Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archive)

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