The relationships of Bad Ape from the Planet of the Apes reboot series.

Friend and AlliesEdit


WPOTA Caesar 13

Caesar, Bad Ape's first ape friend.

Caesar was Bad Ape's new ape friend.

Caesar first met Bad Ape when the latter was trying to steal one of his horses while he and his group were out scouting. At first, Caesar believes him to be human and opens fire on but stops when cornering him and finding out he was an ape. Caesar and Bad Ape get to know each other with Caesar learning that Bad Ape was a zoo ape who became a wanderer after the time of the Simian Flu outbreak before asking if there were other intelligent apes like him before being told they were long dead. Through his interactions with Bad Ape, Caesar learns of the human camp holding many of his fellow apes captive. Caesar breaks into the camp with his followers and frees the captive apes.

Caesar soon invites Bad Ape to live with him and his colony since he had nowhere to go, an offer which was accepted. It is unknown how Bad Ape reacted to Caesar's death but he may have been sad as Caesar was one of the few to really accept him.

Maurice Edit

WPOTA Maurice (with scar from Dawn)

More to come...



WPOTA Nova 2

Nova, Bad Ape's good human friend.

Nova is Bad Ape's good human friend.

More to come...

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