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Ashlar is the planet where the Oberon crash-landed.

One billion years ago, comets bombarded on Ashlar, causing great pain to the dominate lifeform - Great Nest, a species of brachipods controlled by a insectile hive-mind known as the Core. This leaves the planet covered in massive craters that, over time, form mountainous valleys.[1]

There is a valley inhabited by lizards of varying shapes and sizes, from piranha-like water lizards to pterodactyl-esque flying lizards to huge dinosaurs. Sentient lizards rule the valley, using the dinosaurs as pack animals.[2] Other inhabitants on the planet include giant glow worms and beetles which feast on each other in a labyrinth of underground caverns. The beetles immobilize their prey hypnotically, and then suck out their life-force.[3]



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