Monkey Planet - UK novel (January 1964)

APJAC Productions - concept art (1963 - 1966)

Saga: The Magazine For Men - USA abridged novel (May 1964) - Illustrated by Harry Schaare

Bizarre Mystery Magazine - USA abridged novel (November 1965)

La Planète des singes - French novel (1971) - Illustrated by Jacques Pecnard

La Planète des singes - Russian-published, French-language novel (1975)

A Majmok Bolygója - Hungarian novel comic adaptation (1981) - Illustrated by Erno Zorad

Evolution of the Apes - Bonus featurette included with the PotA Blu-Ray release (2008) - illustrator uncredited

Planet of the Apes - novel cover images inspired by the book (rather than by the movie)

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