In the Planet of the Apes franchise the apes ages are divided into an Ape Timeline.

(PB) Pierre Boulle novelEdit

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(APJ) Arthur P. Jacobs filmsEdit

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(TB) Tim Burton filmEdit

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(CE) Chernin Entertainment filmsEdit

In the second film of the reboot series Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the ape community was beginning to show signs of an age system.

  • Age 2 or 3: Age 2 or 3 years is (possibly) classified as childhood years.
  • Age 5: Age 5 years is equal to that of a 15 year old human teenager.
  • Age 6: Age 6 years is equal to that of a 16 year old human teenager.
  • Age 8 or 9: Age 8 or 9 years is (possibly) classified as late teens years.
  • Age 10: Age 10 years is classified as adult years.
  • Age 17 or 18: Age 17 or 18 years is classified as middle-aged years.
  • Age 20 or 26: Age 20 or 26 years is classified as elderly years.

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