Ape Mountain is the main ape location in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It is where all the locations relating to the apes is located and serves as the main safe haven to the apes. It contains many locations including, Caesar's Home, the Ape Village, the hunting grounds, Ape Gate and the main gas station in which the humans need to survive. It is also where the dam is located.

Known LocationsEdit

  • Caesar's Home: It is the place in which Caesar and his family reside. It's known residents include; Caesar, his wife Cornelia and their two sons.
  • Ape Village: It is where all the main ape activities occur. It is where the sessions of council are conducted and where Maurice teaches the children.
  • Human Camp: It is where the humans reside. It is the only safe place for the humans to go that isn't inhabited by the apes.
  • Dam: The main water supply that feeds into the ape village.
  • Hunting Grounds: This is where the apes hunt their food. It is known to be inhabited by bears and deer. It is also where Blue Eyes is injured.
  • Gas Station: This station is abandoned and is on the apes' territory which leads Malcolm and his group to seek it out.
  • Ape Field:
  • Ape Gate: The main entrance into the Ape Village and is guarded by Luca and other gorilla guards.
  • San Francisco: the main place in which the story takes place.


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  • The mountain is supposedly located in Marin County, California. In real life, Marin County contains no hydroelectric dams; none of the rivers are big enough.

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