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District Chief of Security Aboro
Biographical information
Species Gorilla
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Continuity Television series
Actor Percy Rodrigues
First Appearance The Tyrant
Last Appearance The Tyrant

Aboro was in the academy with his friends Urko and Bulta. It's implied that they all cheated there, but only Aboro was caught. He was made District Chief of security in the remote outpost of Hathor as a result, and languished there for twenty years. He had been stealing grain from the local humans, selling it, and buying favour in Central City. Urko claimed he had been pushing their old friend Bulta to promote Aboro. Either way, when Prefect Augustus challenged him for killing a human, Mikal, Aboro was armed with an order removing Augustus from office and replacing him with Aboro. After being tricked by Galen into arranging to kill Urko, Aboro was found out and arrested by Urko.

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