Planet of the Apes Annual
Apes Annual
Publisher Malibu Graphics
Issue number 1
Cover Date September, 1991
Writers Charles Marshall
Pencillers James Tucker
Inkers Greg Cravens
Cover Artists Mark Pennington, Gary Chaloner, Katy Llewellyn
Colorist None
Letterer Mark Moore, Patrick Williams
Editor Dan Danko
Editor-in-Chief Chris Ulm

A Day on the Planet of the Apes was the title of a Planet of the Apes Annual written by Charles Marshall and issued by Malibu Graphics' Adventure Comics imprint in September 1991. It took the form of a 40-page anthology that spanned the globe to explore ape life outside of Alexander's Ape City, and revisited many of the characters featured in the various Adventure Comics Planet of the Apes comics.


Cast of Characters:






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