This page chronicles events that take place in the year 2016.

See also: Timelines.

Planet of the Apes TimelineEdit

Continuity Event Source
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • Caesar starts to question who he is after seeing a dog on a leash in the woods.
  • Caesar attacks Hunisker while defending Charles.
  • Caesar is sent by court order to the San Bruno Primate Facility.
  • Charles dies from complications of his Alzheimer's.
  • Caesar meets Maurice and befriends him.
  • Caesar becomes the Alpha male at the San Bruno Primate House after outsmarting Rocket.
  • Caesar plans his escape from the Primate Facility.
  • Sometime during his time in the Primate Faculity, Caesar meets and falls in love with Cornelia (unseen).
  • Caesar says his first word "NO!".
  • Dodge Landon is killed after being electrocuted.
  • The apes escape the Primate Facility and begin their rebellion.
  • Caesar commands his first battle on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • During the Battle, several apes are killed notably Wolfie and Buck the Gorilla.
  • Koba pushes Steven Jacobs to his death.
  • Caesar speaks his first full sentence to Will "Caesar is Home" hence saying his final goodbyes to his adoptive father.
  • Hunisker unknowingly spreads the ALZ-113 virus around the world sparking the Simian Flu Outbreak.

Production TimelineEdit



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